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Function Balances a weapon for Speed or Accuracy;

Repairs melee weapons & the Boomerang

Source All Shops, except depth 21
Reusable No
Upgradeable no
Stackable (On weapon) No;

(In Pack/On floor) Yes

Breakable no
Buy price 200 gold
Sell price 40 gold

Description Edit

Using a weightstone, you can balance your melee weapon to increase its speed or accuracy.

Use Edit

A Weightstone can be used to increase either a melee weapon's (or boomerang's) speed, or accuracy, but not both (even with two Weightstones). If another Weightstone is used on an already-balanced weapon, the previous balance is removed, and the new balance is applied. If speed is chosen, the weapon's delay is multiplied by 0.6 (thus, 40% faster). If accuracy is chosen, the weapon's accuracy is multiplied by 1.5 (50% more accurate).

Applying a Weightstone to any weapon will reset its degradation to perfect condition. With multiple Weightstones, this can be done more than once to the same weapon.

Tips Edit

  • This item can be used to offset the Spear's Slow status, making the Spear a viable melee weapon in the early stages.
  • This item can be used on the Glaive to increase its speed, giving the Gladiator and the Freerunner a stronger-scaling, Fast, Tier-5 melee weapon, to use towards the later stages of the dungeon.
  • If you intend to balance a weapon that you intend to throw into a Well of Transmutation, wait until after you've thrown it into the well to balance it. Doing so beforehand will undo the balance that's been applied to the weapon.

History Edit

Update Change
1.7.2 ADDED to the game
1.7.2a Fixed: The weightstone is no longer misspelled weightsone.
1.7.4? Change: Weightstones repair Melee Weapons & the Boomerang (from Degradation)

Trivia Edit

  • This item can only be purchased at each Shop, except for the last Shop - depth 21, giving a total of 3 Weightstones per game.
  • It costs 400g at depth 6, 600g at depth 11, and 800g at depth 16. (That's the purchase price, not the sell price.)
  • Using the Weightstone does not remove any magical enchantments, or enhancements, to a weapon.
  • Each weapon can only be balanced for speed or accuracy and will be changed to the other with a second Weightstone, but can't have both at the same time.

Gallery Edit

Weightstone Balance UI (2015.09

The Balancing window that appears when deciding what to balance a weapon for

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