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Wand of Reach
Fading wands
The appearance of this wand is randomized each run
Vital statistics
Type Non-Battle Wand; Utility
Effects Same as Wand of Telekinesis, but switches places with enemies, rather than push them back.
Source Randomly generated in the dungeon
Cost to buy Cannot be bought
Cost to sell 50g

The Wand of Reach is a wand.

Its class name in the save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​wands.​WandOfReach".

Description Edit

Wand of Reach
This utility wand can be used to grab objects from a distance and to switch places with enemies. Waves of magic force radiated from it will affect all cells on their way triggering traps, trampling high vegetation, opening closed doors and closing open ones.

Use Edit

The main use of this wand is to retrieve items and trigger traps from a safe distance.
Another use is to cast it on enemies, to switch places with them.

The item containers it can open are:

  • (Unlocked) Chests
  • Mimics (bypasses Mimic summon?)
  • Tombs
  • Skeletal remains

Obtaining Edit

The Wand of Reach can be found randomly in generated depths.
A random wand has a 6/113 (5.31%) chance of being the Wand of Reach.

Tips Edit

  • Fire the wand down long corridors to trigger traps.
  • It can be used to retrieve items on top of traps and instantly place them in the Backpack.
  • It can be used to get the Shopkeeper's merchandise for free.
  • It can be used to flee from enemies when cornered by one, or surrounded by many.
  • It can be used tactically, to switch places with non-flying enemies, when levitating over a trap, or a chasm.
  • It can be used tactically with the Wand of Lightning, when a non-flying enemy is standing on dry floor and the Hero/ine is standing on water.
  • It can be used to keep Crazy Thieves and Scorpios from fleeing from the Hero/ine, in a one-door room.
  • It can be used to instantly suffocate/slay Giant Piranha in a Flooded Vault
    (though, will likely also require one, or more, of the following: a Potion of Invisibility, a Scroll of Terror, a Scroll of Lullaby, a Wand of Flock, a Wand of Blink, a Wand of Amok, an upgraded Ring of Evasion, and/or an Affection/Displacement-inscribed armor, to successfully achieve without incurring much damage, if any, from the remaining piranha).

History Edit

Update Change
1.9.0 ADDED to the game

(Replaces Wands of Telekinesis)

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