Wand of Magic Missile

Wand of Magic Missile

Infobox sewers

The wand retains this appearance every run
Shot Info
Min Dmg 1
Max Dmg 6+Level×2
Avg Dmg 6+Level×2/2
Duration hit only
Range unlimited
Extra Effects none
Initial Charges 3
Other Info
Sell Price 50 gold
Generation Chance 0

The Wand of Magic Missile is a wand.

Its class name in the save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​wands.​WandOfMagicMissile".

Description Edit

Wand of Magic Missile
Wand of Magic Missile
This wand launches missiles of pure magical energy, dealing moderate damage to a target creature.

Use Edit

Shooting an enemy with the Wand of Magic Missile will deal magic damage. Battlemages can use it as a melee weapon and deal additional damage.


Magic missile zap

Disenchant Process

An upgraded Wand of Magic Missile can be used to upgrade another wand, by pressing the "Disenchant" button. (The Wand of Magic Missile will be lost.)
It takes 2 turns to disenchant this wand onto another wand.

Obtaining Edit

The Wand of Magic Missile is the wand that the Mage class starts with in each run. It can only be obtained by the Mage, or by the Mage leaving it in a Hero's remains.


  • Think before you sell this wand, as you won't find another one in the same run.
  • If you plan to later disenchant your Wand of Magic Missile, do not upgrade it above +1, as the wand you upgrade this way will only gain +1, and the additional levels of upgrade will be lost.

Damage details

The Magic Missile's damage is uniformly distributed between 1 and 6+Level×2

Level Min Max Avg
+0 1 6 3.5
+1 1 8 4.5
+2 1 10 5.5
+3 1 12 6.5
+4 1 14 7.5
+5 1 16 8.5
+6 1 18 9.5
+7 1 20 10.5
+8 1 22 11.5
+9 1 24 12.5

Durability rate Edit

This chart displays the rate at which the Wand of Magic Missile degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 96
+1 90
+2 84
+3 78
+4 72
+5 66
+6 60
+7 54
+8 48
+9 42
+10 36
+11 30
+12 24
+13 18
+n 6×(16-n)

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