Wand Holster
Wand holster
Vital statistics
Type Bag
Effects Stores 12 Wands, saving Backpack space
Source depth 16 Shop
Cost to buy 1000g
Cost to sell 50g

Description Edit

Wand holster
Wand holster
This slim holder is made of leather of some exotic animal. It allows to compactly carry up to 12 wands.

Use Edit

The Wand holster is a bag which can carry wands. Tapping its tab in the Backpack opens a 4x3 grid, providing a slot for each wand, while the holster itself only takes up one slot in your inventory. Picked up wands are automatically moved into the Wand holster.

Obtaining Edit

The Wand holster can be purchased from the depth 16 Shop, for 1000 gold.

Tips Edit

  • If exceeding 12 wands, place duplicate wands & infrequently used wands in the Wand Holster, and keep your most frequently used (but not Quickslot-assigned) wands in your Backpack, for quicker access & use.

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.4 ADDED to the game
  • Numerous UI improvements (i.e. Tabs for bags, et c.)
1.7.5 Added: Durability indicators in the inventory window (Degradation)

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