Gameplay Buttons Edit

Android Platform Edit

There are six gameplay buttons (not including the Character Window, Catalogus, & Journal buttons below) that appear at the bottom of the screen.

Attack Edit

This button has a red background, and takes after the image of whatever enemy you're currently attacking. It is located near the bottom-right corner of the screen.

This button was specifically added for Melee-centric combat.

Quickslots Edit

Primary Quickslot Edit

This button is located at the most bottom-right corner. It takes after the image of whatever was last assigned to it. (Dropping the item that was assigned to it will gray/fade the image out, until it is picked back up, or a new item is assigned.)

The Quickslot starts with the missile weapon, of the class you've selected, assigned to it.

The player can change the Quickslot assignment by doing either one of two ways:

  1. Pressing & holding the Backpack button, then tapping on the item of your choice
  2. Opening your Backpack, then pressing & holding on the item of your choice

Tapping assigned items like potions & scrolls, will use them instantly & without a warning window/confirmation dialogue.

Tapping assigned items like wands & missile weapons, will first ask for a target before firing, which can be canceled by pressing any of the other gameplay buttons, including the Character Window, via the Hero/ine icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

Secondary Quickslot Edit
Secondary quickslot

Activating the secondary quickslot

This button is located between the Backpack & the Primary Quickslot. It can only be activated in Settings, during a game session.

Backpack Edit

Main article: Backpack
UI backpack button

This button is located at the bottom-right corner, beside the Quickslot button.

Resume Edit

Resume button

This button is located at the top-right, and is represented by a blue arrow pointing to the right.

It usually only appears when an action has not been completed, like tapping a far-away cell, then abruptly stopping mid-way through.

Examine Edit

UI examine button

This button is located near the bottom-center, slightly to the left, and is represented by a red ?.

Tapping on this button, then tapping on any tile on-screen, will allow you to read additional details regarding that tile.

  • Tapping this button, then the Hero/ine, brings up the Character Window.
  • Tapping this button, then an enemy, will show the enemy's description, (remaining) health bar, & any debuffs or buffs inflicted on it.
  • Tapping this button, then a crystal chest, will allow you to find out what kind of item is inside the chest (e.g. a ring's gem type, a wand's wood type, or their names, if the same item has already been identified in your inventory).
  • Tapping this button, then an Animated statue, will allow you to find out which melee weapon the Animated statue is holding, and which enchantment that melee weapon has.

Search Edit

UI search button

This button is located at the bottom-left corner, in-between the Examine button & the Wait/Sleep button; and is represented by a magnifying glass.

Tapping this button allows the Hero/ine to search for hidden doors & hidden traps, using up about 2 turns by average.

The radius of the Search field can be augmented with a Ring of Detection.  And the amount of turns used can be decreased with a Ring of Haste.

Rest/Wait Edit

UI wait button

This button is located at the most bottom-left corner, and is represented by a white analog clock.

Wait Edit

Tapping this button will expend a turn without doing anything. This can be used to wait out the damage received from debuffs (e.g. poisoned), or to heal back to full health with the Seed of Sungrass (tapping repeatedly, until either actions are complete).

Sleep Edit

Pressing & holding this button will also allow the Hero/ine to heal back to full health, but will bring him/her either to hunger, or to starving, status, depending on how much health s/he has (hunger, with less HP; starving, with more HP). (It is recommended to sleep only where you will have little, to no, enemy interruption - e.g. inside a Garden, at a cleared Boss Depth, depth 21, depth 26, or behind untriggered traps in the Room of Traps, at a depth that doesn't spawn flying and ranged enemies.) The Hero/ine stops sleeping when:

  • you tap your finger on the screen 
  • your Hero/ine recovers to full health
  • your Hero/ine becomes Starving
  • an enemy enters your Hero/ine's field of view

Desktop Platform Edit

Keyboard Gameplay Buttons:

  • Arrow keys = Move
  • A = Attack
  • Q = Quickslot
  • R = Resume
  • S = Search
  • Spacebar = Wait/Rest
  • C = Catalogus
  • / = Default Zoom

Character Window Edit

Main article: Character Window

Catalogus Edit

Main article: Catalogus

Journal Edit

Main article: Journal

Challenges Edit

Main article: Challenges
Challenges disabled
Challenges active

The Challenges screen can be accessed by going to the Hero/ine Selection screen and tapping on the trophy at the center of the screen.

Ranking Edit

Main article: Ranking

Rankings icon

The TOP-5 entries of your best sessions, and the most recent death/win; and information regarding your Hero/ine, equipped items, badges, and stats.

History Edit

Update Change
0.3 Added: New attack button (for melee combat)

Changed: Second search at the same place always succeeds

0.3.3 Changed: Landscape orientation is enabled on all devices
0.4 Added:
  • In-game sound controls
  • Tiles are highlighted when Searched
  • "Resume motion" button
0.4.2 Added: Enemy health indicator (tap danger indicator to activate it)
0.4.3 Changed: Search action always succeeds now
0.5 Added: Option to scale up UI on large screen devices
1.6.4 Added:
  • Bright Mode (Found under Settings)
  • Numerous UI improvements (i.e. Tabs for bags, et c.)
1.7.2 Added: Immersive mode (Switched off by default - only available on Android 4.4 and higher)

Fixed: Unresponsive Error windows

1.7.3 Added: Numerous UI improvements, incl. the second quickslot
  • Item interaction windows have a highlighted button for intended/suggested use
1.7.5 Changed: Both quickslot items are displayed in the Ranking window
1.8.0 Changed: Scrollpanes display scroll position

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