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As any software, Pixel Dungeon has many updates.

Updating Pixel Dungeon does NOT erase current games.

Many APK files are available here:

Latest version Edit

v1.9.2a Edit


Discussion thread

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  • Item Suggestions! (for Original PD)

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    • Does it bother anyone else that while there are unique armors, there are no unique weapons?  Here are my ideas: like armor kit but with passi...
    • Well, I might have a bad idea but. Perhaps add skills (special attacks) with another bar called Mana, of course. These skills can be lear...
  • (PETITION) Please bring Legacy Mode to the Android platform!

    9 messages
    • Another BUMP, the night before Update 1.9.1 releases (in hopes that Legacy Mode will be part of its release on Android).  XD Please Watabou!...
    • I know this post is old, I would vote yes but without the badge and ranking penalties

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