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As any software, Pixel Dungeon has many updates.

Updating Pixel Dungeon does NOT erase current games.

Many APK files are available here:

Latest version Edit

v1.9.0 Edit


Discussion thread

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  • Update 1.9.0 Released! (Android; "1.8.0 Pt. 2")

    19 messages
    • It all comes down to usability of broken items - from what I checked, broken +5 item and broken +10 item perform the same way. It would be m...
    • Imo, if items with higher upgrade level had more durability instead of less, that'd be much better than it is now.
  • (REQUEST) Re-balance Wand of Avalanche

    2 messages
    • See also: Wand of Avalanche @ WATABOU: Case/Claim/Issue/Problem: Nearly every other Battle Wand has been tweaked to be stronger (save ...
    • Wand of Avalanche is underpowered as it is. And my foremost issue with it is that minimum damage does not increase with wand upgrade level. I...

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