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As any software, Pixel Dungeon has many updates.

Updating Pixel Dungeon does NOT erase current games.

Latest version Edit

v1.7.2a Edit

Hotfix (2014/08/11)

1.7.2 released! (2014/08/11)

  • Added: Immersive mode (switched off by default)1
  • Added: Synchronous mobs movement
  • Added: Challenges (options for new game+)1
  • Added: New item - weightstone
  • Changed: Poison mechanics
  • Changed: Toxic gas (slightly)
  • Changed: Blindweed is replaced by Dreamweed
  • Changed: Keys are no longer stackable
  • Changed: Mirror images are now immune to toxic gas and fire
  • Changed: Inscriptions increase armor DR
  • Fixed: Unresponsive error windows
  • Fixed: Wand charging exploit

and more…

1Immersive mode is only available on Android 4.4 and higher.

2Currently implemented challenges look impossible. Maybe they ARE impossible. Feel free to send me your ideas for more adequate ones.

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