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As any software, Pixel Dungeon has many updates.

Updating Pixel Dungeon does NOT erase current games.

Latest version Edit

v1.7.1c Edit

Hotfix (2014/06/08)

1.7.1 released!

This is a really small update. Probably this is the smallest update of Pixel Dungeon ever! It was supposed to be a hotfix, but while working on it I’ve added a couple of new features, so it cannot be counted as a hotfix :). Anyway, here is the list of changes:

  • Added: Shake effect
  • Added: New room type
  • Changed: Inventory improved
  • Changed: Class armor usage is restricted
  • Changed: Leaving the dungeon at night
  • Changed: Some visual are modified
  • Fixed: Several bugs

Usually I add "and more…" here, but this time that’s actually all.


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