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Pixel Dungeon belongs to the Rogue-like genré of games.
One of the conventions of this genré is that character death is permanent and frequent.
So, don’t worry if you’re dying a lot and haven’t managed to slay the final boss.

Here is a Guide Directory to help you survive this deadly dungeon.
There are also various strategies on the Strategies Board in the forums.
NOTE: The guides listed below were written with only the original Pixel Dungeon in mind, and does not account for the various existing mods.
For comments/inquiries regarding a specific mod, please refer to the corresponding Mod Boards in the forums.

Dungeon orientation

User interface

Main article: User Interface

Acquaint yourself with the game's controls.

Game mechanisms

Main article: Game Mechanisms

Acquaint yourself with the game's mechanisms.

Pre-descent Prep

Dungeon Orientation: Pre-descent Preparation

Stage guides

Boss guides

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