• It gives me numbers on this stuff but I don't know how the statistics work. the factors include

    • what level I am

    • what weapon I have (and the weapons level)

    • the armor I have (and the armors level)

    • what strength I have.

    • and the enemy I am fighting

    so for example

    right at the beginning

    • a level 1 warrior

    • base dodge 5

    • base accuracy 10

    • 11 strength

    • a +0 short sword

    • with 1 accuracy

    • minimum of 1 damage and maximum of 10 damage

    • fighting a marsupial rat

    • base 3 dodge

    • 1 armor

    • and base 8 accuracy

    so how does the formula work?

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    • I reckon that article may help you. Note that attackSkill is the accuracy while attackSkill is the dodge.

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    • I've been to that page already and I don't get it.

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    • The Warrior has accuracy 10, multiplied by the accuracy factor 1 from the Short sword, giving an effective accuracy of 10: acuRoll is then a real number random in [0;10[. The Marsupial rat has dodge 3, so defRoll is a real number random in [0;3[: The Warrior successfully hits if acuRoll is greater than or equals to defRoll. Now, consider that rectangle: Accuracy vs dodge

      Pick a random point in that rectangle: In the green part, acuRoll is greater than defRoll, so the hit is successful, while in the red zone, acuRoll is lesser than defRoll, so the hit misses. The red area is 3×3/2 = 4.5 and the total area is 10×3 = 30, so the green area is 30-4.5 = 25.5, then the chance to hit is 25.5/30 = 0.85, i.e. 85 %.

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