• I'm trying, but i think i'm on attempt like 30 or 40 or something (that's with reading the tomb of mastery for Warden, the first moment of the game)...farthest i've gotten is level 19. It's cool, though...with every other class and subclass, this game has gotten too easy for me...i'm scared i'll lose interest in this game once i've beat the Warden (even though i LOVE this game!).

    So if you HAVE beaten it with the Warden, what was your weapon and armor (and their levels)?

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    • No. For me at least, this is one of the hardest sub-classes. I've beaten Pixel Dungeon as all Sub-classes except for the Warden, Battlemage, and Freerunner. Good luck!


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    • I did it! I just beat the game on Warden! Finally got really lucky, with a stunning +2 mace and a +2 mail armor by the 3rd floor! Finished with +4 Plate mail (upgraded to Huntress Cloak) and +4 Tempered Battle axe, with the +1 ring of shadows and a broken +2 riing of i got REALLY lucky and had 8 bombs and 6 Honeypots for the Yog floor!

      Now what the hell am i going to do lol? I guess it's on to Shattered

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