• Any modder out there willing to adapt the Legacy Mode code from the Steam platform & implement it onto a faithful, 1-to-1 parity mod of the original Pixel Dungeon on the Android platform, with the Legacy Mode being the only major difference from the Android platform's original 1.9.2a version (outside of needed bugfixes)??

    Cause that would be greatly & gratefully appreciated.  =D

    (It was attempted once before {"Undegraded Pixel Dungeon"}, but it didn't go through the proper process, so the modder ceased working on it out of respect for Watabou, but Watabou said he would've green-lit it if it had gone through the proper process - just food for thought.)

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    • So would this (essentially) be the latest (and final) verison of original PD, but without wepeon degredation?

      Man, this game is already TOO easy! I only play as Warden now, otherwise there's not enough challenge...that said, MANY people find it too hard, so that might be a good version for those folks.

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    • I've beaten normal pixel dungeon and it was quite easy however I feel it was more fun when weapon degradation wasn't a thing. I can see why it was implemented for balancing reasons, but it was more fun before in my opinion

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    • After implementing degradation Watabou stopped working on his game. So i think it was just his last improvement on his game because he wanted to offer a game changer for the community by delivering a new gameplay experience. He also said he implemented degradation only because he dont want that gamers usually only go for the best gear and then go for the amulet.

      But in the end he absolutely changed nothing but stretching the time per run because you have to play a bit more slowly and attentively and you also have to do a bit more micromanagement, but people still go for the best gear usually. :-P

      He absolutely did a good job with developing the base game, but others drove it already to the max with their mods. There is no need of a legacy version, if you want vanilla PD without degradation, you just have to ask your friend Google for it.

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