• So, I've been inactive for over a year now. I'm playing off of Amazon, so I'm a little behind on the updates. What has happened since I've last been on? The last update I had before switching to a Kindle was 1.9.2. What has changed?


    Also, like I said, I've been inactive in the forums for more than a year. Some older users may recognize my signature. What has changed In the forums? Some threads are the same as they a year ago.

    one last thing, how is the state of the game? It was a pretty popular game when i was last on, but how is it now?


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    • @ DarthMimic:

      A1.)  Visiting the Game News & Announcements board would give you the answers you seek.
      (In short, Nothing.)
      A2.)  Not much, if anything.  I closed the original Hall of Fame thread & started a continuation for it.  That's it, really.
      A3.)  Dead, pretty much (but that's just my perspective; Idk for certain how many people still play the original PD).
      Hasn't had an update since 1.9.2a. I imagine because there are so many mods now & the playerbase flocked to those mods. And Watabou likely got tired of supporting it & wanted to move on to new games.

      If Watabou had released an update on all the platforms it's currently available on, giving it Legacy Mode, I imagine many would return to play (including myself).

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    • Comment hidden, due to being OFF-TOPIC; subject to DELETION.
      How can i get the second quick slot?

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    • @
      [Click/Tap "Expand".]

      1.)  NEVER hijack someone else's thread, especially if your post is off-topic.
      2.)  Don't be lazy; look through the forum boards (& throughout the rest of this wiki) before asking your question; it likely may have already been answered, or the answer may already be provided in one of the articles.  If it hasn't been answered, it's Common Forum Etiquette to start a new thread, instead of hijacking someone else's.
      3.)  Have you taken a look at the Main Page of this wiki?
      The answer you seek resides in one of the first things anyone sees when they land on the main page - the "U.I." (USER INTERFACE) button on the left side navi scroll-bar.

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    • lol Thanks! faggot :v

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    • @Shadow Automaton

      Thanks for the answers.
      It's a shame that the game hasn't been updated.
      What is Legacy Mode? I looked around the wiki and couldn't find anything.

      Right after I posted, I saw an old thread you made that explained what it is. So, no need to answer my question.


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    • Shadow Automaton
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    • That's around the same time I wandered off. Heh. Yeah, SA's got it about right. It's a shame...

      [Oh, and, please keep in mind, this is a literal forum for polite discourse. Operative word being polite. We try to keep it PG, so please don't swear, and definitely don't use derogatory terms. The latter applies not only to this forum, but life in general. ('Failure to follow these rules often results in a banhammer to the face.)' Enjoy your day!]

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    • @

      Apparently, you don't know who you're talking to, or you wouldn't be speaking so carelessly as you already have.
      I'm the Forum Admin of this wiki.  : j
      And Papayaman1000 is a veteran contributor.
      Since you've disregarded his warning (which is an extension of any Admin's warnings on this wiki), you're hereby permanently banned from posting here ever again.  =)
      Have a nice life!

      @ P1K:

      Yeahh.. no.. I'm usually more patient, but in this particular case, I have zero tolerance - this person's getting insta-banned.

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    • A FANDOM user
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