• Hey everyone,

    I'm a big fan of this game. I mostly play a MAGE on shattered PD. I don't know how many games I've played so far because I had to reinstall a few times but my guess would be around 5000. I learned that I often play too quickly or casually to win the game. So I came up with an idea to invite myself and other fans to a "best out of 50 games played" challenge.

    I know different PD versions differ in difficulty and a few other things, so if you're up for the challenge don't forget to tell us which version of PD you are playing and which character you've chosen to play with.

    What you'd need to do is reinstall your PD, play 50 games with your favourite character and let us know what your win ratio was by either writing it or by posting a print screen of your rankings page.

    Good luck and lots of patience!

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    • My fifty games run is finished. I played shattered pd with a mage, was able to win 23/50.

      I will now try my luck and patients with a warrior.

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    • My warrior run ended with the same result - 23/50.


      I will play rogue next.

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    • Rogue run finished, score was 34/50. I would attribute the better percentage solely to the shadow cloak. I found it very helpful throughout the game.

      I will try my luck with the huntress now. I must admit I've not played it much. What I will do is focus on the bumerang as her primary weapon, just to see how many I can win this way, if any.

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