• I have a +3 vampiric shortsword, and am going to reforge a +2 shortsword with it. I have not ran into any other weapons, wondering if I need to trade up, or just spam scrolls of upgrade into armour I find, because I will have a +4 vampiric shortsword

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    • Nvm, i died

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    • Oh no!  Sorry I hadn't answered timely enough!  =(
      I would've asked what Depth you were on, before asking you anything else.
      But I also would've suggested you wait for the best weapon & armor you could find (up until Depth 12~13), before investing Upgrade scrolls into anything; and that trading up is recommended, until you either find the best weapon/armor, or have reached Depth 12-13 & still haven't found anything (in which case you upgrade whatever best weapon/armor you've found thus far & just go for it).
      My guides cover the optimal weapon & armor levels you should have, at a given depth/stage/boss fight, so I suggest giving those green numbers a look.  ; j
      Eventually, though/With enough time, you'll get a natural feel for what levels you'll need to have to be able to take things on.  =)

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    • Umm I think the wiki is wrong or my game is glitched, because I still get wild weapons from the animated statues

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    • I have still gotten a few wild weapons as well, and I have the most recent version of the game.

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    • I am so wary of animated statues. If I see one on level 1 or 2 I'll wait till I'm level 3 before engaging. Occasionally they will have a good upgraded weapon, possibly even a stunner. Two hits are enough and you're dead.

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