Short sword


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Weapon Info
Tier 1
Accuracy 1
Delay 1
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price 20 gold

The Short sword's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​weapons.​melee.​ShortSword".

Description Edit

Short sword
It is indeed quite short,[sic] just a few inches longer,[sic] than a dagger.

Obtaining Edit

The Short Sword can only be obtained by the Warrior class, or from a Hero's remains, if the warrior last died carrying the Short Sword.

Damage Edit

The weapon's damage is uniformly distributed between the Short sword's minimum and maximum hit values. Each upgrade will increase the minimum hit value by one point, increase the maximum by the weapon's tier (1 point), and decrease the required strength by one.

Upgrade Strength required Average points per hit Min hit Max hit
-1 11 4 0 9
+0 10 5 1 10
+1 9 6 2 11
+2 8 7 3 12
+3 7 8 4 13
+4 6 9 5 14
+n 10-n (min+max)/2 1+n 10+1*n

Durability Edit

This chart displays the rate at which the Short sword degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 80
+1 75
+2 70
+3 65
+4 60
+5 55
+6 50
+7 45
+8 40
+9 35
+10 30
+11 25
+12 20
+13 15
+n 5×(16-n)


  • If you plan to later reforge your Short Sword, do not upgrade it above +1, as the melee weapon you upgrade this way will only gain +1, and the additional levels of upgrade will be lost.


  • Reforge Process:
    An upgraded Short Sword can be used to upgrade another melee weapon (+1 only), by pressing the "Reforge" button. (The Short Sword will be lost.)
    It can safely upgrade an enchanted weapon, without removing its particular enchantment (but a new enchantment won't be added to a non-enchanted weapon).
    It takes 2 turns to reforge a melee weapon.

Found Short Sword in Hero's Remains; found cursed.

History Edit

Update Change
0.4.3 Changed: Reforging preserves enchantment of an upgraded weapon

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