This is a data page that stores the shared data for the Sheep. Before editing, please read the data documentation.

This data page contains:

  • description = This is a magic sheep. What's so magical about it? You can't kill it. It will stand there until it magcially fades away, all the while chewing cud with a blank stare.
  • gifimage = Sheep gif.gif
  • image = Sheep gif.gif
  • infoboximage = Sheep gif.gif
  • type = Summon (Allied)
  • spawn = Wand of Flock
  • speed = 0
  • health = wofLevel+3 to wofLevel+5 turns
  • dodge = 0
  • armor = Impenetrable, except for Disintegration beams
  • accuracy = 0
  • ondamage = Remains Immobile
  • experience = 0
  • loot = 0

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