Seed Pouch
Seed Pouch
Vital statistics
Type Bag
Effects Stores all Seed types, saving Backpack space
Source depth 6 Shop
Cost to buy 500g
Cost to sell 50g

Description Edit

Seed Pouch
Seed pouch
This small velvet pouch allows you to store any number of seeds in it. Very convenient.

Use Edit

The Seed Pouch is a bag. Tapping its tab in the Backpack opens a 4x2 grid, providing a slot for each type of seed, while the pouch itself only takes one slot in your inventory.

The Seed Pouch can be dropped, thrown, sold, stolen, et c.

Picked up seeds are automatically moved into the Seed Pouch.

Alchemy Pot interaction Edit

Tapping the Alchemy Pot itself will force an interaction ("Select a seed to throw"), opening up your Seed Pouch (if you have one), graying out all other items except seeds.

Seed Pouch Alchemy Pot interaction

Obtaining Edit

The Seed Pouch can be purchased from the depth 6 Shop, for 500 Gold.

Tips Edit

    Purchasing the Seed Pouch from the Depth 6 Shop, after picking up the Seed of Rotberry, will re-trigger the Challenge mechanism of the seed.
    It is recommended to drop the Rotberry seed at Depth 5, before purchasing the Seed Pouch. (v1.6.4b; needs confirmation in v1.7.1c/the latest version)

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.4 Added: Numerous UI improvements (i.e. Tabs for bags, et c.)

Change: The Seed Pouch can be dropped, thrown, sold, stolen, et c.

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