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Info Edit

Seeds are collectible, one-use items, found lying on the ground, or by stepping on tall vegetation.
When thrown, each seed grows a different plant that has its own effect. 

Seed and Plant types Edit

Firebloom seed

Seed of Firebloom Edit

When thrown, it grows a Firebloom plant. Triggering the plant will set flammable tiles on fire & apply the Burning debuff.

Icecap seed

Seed of Icecap Edit

When thrown, it grows an Icecap plant. Triggering the plant will freeze characters/items & apply the Frozen debuff. Throwing Mystery Meat onto the plant will turn it into Frozen Carpaccio.

Sorrowmoss seed

Seed of Sorrowmoss Edit

When thrown, it grows a Sorrowmoss plant. Stepping on the plant will apply the Poisoned debuff.

Dreamweed seed
Dreamweed plant

Seed of Dreamweed Edit

When thrown, it grows a Dreamweed plant. Stepping on the plant will create a cloud of gas that applies the Vertigo debuff.


Seed of Sungrass Edit

When thrown, it grows a Sungrass plant. Stepping on the plant will heal the character & apply the Herbal healing buff. Tapping the Wait button while the Hero/ine remains stationary, will fully heal the Hero/ine (moving from the spot will end the buff). Sungrass plants are also the only plants that spawn naturally in gardens.


Seed of Earthroot Edit

When thrown, it grows a Earthroot plant. Stepping on the plant will apply the Herbal armor buff (moving from the spot will end the buff).


Seed of Fadeleaf Edit

When thrown, it grows a Fadeleaf plant. Stepping on the plant will teleport the character.

Rotberry plant

Seed of Rotberry Edit

When thrown, it grows the Rotberry Shrub. Stepping on the shrub will apply the Rooted debuff, release Toxic gas, & release another seed. When picked up, the seed emits a Challenge sound. (Triggering the shrub without stepping on it bypasses the Rooted debuff.)

Spawn probabilities Edit


Main article: Spawn Probabilities

Gallery Edit

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All plants

Tips Edit

  • Plant tiles are considered "no avoid" and thus, enemies & the Hero/-ine will treat it like a normal tile (unlike traps, which enemies will avoid; and the Hero/-ine will avoid, if discovered), and walk right through it.
    This can be used to your advantage to set them like traps, for enemies to walk into.
    • Take care though, as the Hero/-ine will not avoid plants either, when allowing the game to path from one point to another.

History Edit

Update Change
0.4.5 ADDED to the game
0.5 Added: New plants
0.5.3 Added: Plants descriptions
1.6.0 Added: Rotberry Shrub; Seed of Rotberry
1.6.0a Fixed: Plants' description (There was no description of the plant when examining a tile that grew a plant.)
1.6.3a Fixed: Planting Seeds on an Alchemy Pot
1.6.4 Changed: Only seeds can be placed into an Alchemy pot
1.7.2 Changed: Seed of Blindweed REPLACED by Seed of Dreamweed

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