Scroll Holder
Scroll Holder
Vital statistics
Type Bag
Effects Stores all Scroll types, saving Backpack space
Source depth 11 Shop
Cost to buy 750g
Cost to sell 50g

Description Edit

Scroll Holder
Scroll holder
You can place any number of scrolls into this tubular container. It saves room in your backpack and protects scrolls from fire.

Use Edit

The Scroll Holder is a bag. Tapping its tab in the Backpack opens a 4x3 grid, providing a slot for each type of scroll, while the holder itself only takes one slot in your Backpack.

The Scroll Holder can be dropped, thrown, sold, stolen, etc.

Picked up/bought scrolls are automatically moved into the Scroll Holder.

Obtaining Edit

The Scroll Holder can be purchased from the depth 11 Shop, for 750 gold.

Tips Edit

If possible, make sure you have a Scroll Holder before entering the Dwarven City stage, so if you get set on fire by a Fire Elemental, your scrolls won't burn.

History Edit

Update Change
0.5.1 ADDED to the game
0.5.2 Fixed: Scroll Holder bug (Infinite Scrolls)
1.6.4 Added: Numerous UI improvements (i.e. Tabs for bags, et c.)

Changed: The Scroll Holder can now be dropped, thrown, sold, stolen, et c.

1.7.0 Changed: The Open button has been removed (the tabs implemented in 1.6.4 replaces this button).[1]
1.9.2 Fixed: Scroll of Wipe Out can now be stored in the Scroll Holder.

References Edit


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