Ring of Satiety

Fading rings

Infobox sewers

Ring color is randomized each game
Function Efficient stomach
Source ▪ Randomly generated in depth

Ambitious imp

Reusable yes
Upgradeable yes
Stackable yes
Breakable yes
Buy cannot be bought
Identified sell 80 gold
Unidentified sell 80 gold

The Ring of Satiety is a ring.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​rings.​RingOfSatiety".


Ring of Satiety
Wearing this ring you can go without food longer. Degraded rings of satiety will cause the opposite effect.


The Ring of Satiety can be found randomly in regular depths (not in Boss depths), in any item container, on a pedestal, or it may also be transferred between games through the Hero's remains. The Ambitious imp may also give the ring.

When worn

This ring allows the Hero/ine to last longer without food, much like the Rogue's special ability.
A degraded Ring of Satiety will do the opposite.
It also increases the amount of turns between Starvation damage.


This chart displays the rate at which the Ring of Satiety degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 1600
+1 1500
+2 1400
+3 1300
+4 1200
+5 1100
+6 1000
+7 900
+8 800
+9 700
+10 600
+11 500
+12 400
+13 300
+n 100×(16-n)


  • With (an) equipped Ring(s) of Satiety having (summed up) (a) level(s) equal to 10, the Hero/ine will never be hungry or starving due to walking. However some specific actions worsen hunger, so some food (or (a) higher level ring(s)) is still needed in order to compensate those actions.