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Ring of Cleansing

Fading rings

Infobox sewers

Ring color is randomized each game
Function Reduces the duration of most debuffs
Source none
Reusable yes
Upgradeable yes
Stackable no
Breakable yes
Buy cannot be bought
Identified sell 80 gold
Unidentified sell 80 gold

The Ring of Cleansing is a ring.

Its class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​rings.​RingOfCleansing".


Ring of Cleansing
This ring decreases duration of negative effects such as Poison, Paralysis, Burning etc.


This ring is no longer obtainable as it was removed from the game in Update 1.6.4

When worn

Wearing the Ring of Cleansing will reduce the duration of most debuffs. A degraded ring will increase the duration of those debuffs.

Each turn, in addition to the natural decrease by 1, the remaining debuff duration is reduced/increased by a random real value between 0 and 1-1/(|level|+1) (|x| is absolute value).

Level Max increase/decrease
0 0
±1 0.5
±2 0.6667
±3 0.75
±4 0.8
±5 0.8333
±6 0.8571
±7 0.875
±8 0.8889
±9 0.9
±10 0.9091
±11 0.9167
±12 0.9231
Formula 1-1/(|level|+1)


This chart displays the rate at which the Ring of Cleansing degrades at each upgrade level.

Level Durability

+0 1600
+1 1500
+2 1400
+3 1300
+4 1200
+5 1100
+6 1000
+7 900
+8 800
+9 700
+10 600
+11 500
+12 400
+13 300
+n 100×(16-n)


Update Change
1.6.4 REMOVED from the game

(REPLACED by Ring of Elements)

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