Ration of Food
Vital statistics
Type Whole-value Food
Effects Restores 260 SP

No Effect

Source Randomly

Dwarf monks - (1/12)

Cost to buy Cannot be bought
Cost to sell 10g

Your Hero/ine enters the dungeon with one ration of food in his/her Backpack.

Description Edit

Ration of food
Nothing fancy here: dried meat, some biscuits - things like that.

When Eaten Edit

Ration of Food is a whole-value food type; and will fully restore satiety from either Starving, or Hungry, to Satiated; and restores 260 satiety points.

Obtaining Edit

The most common food type in the dungeon, it can be found randomly in the dungeon, and can be dropped by Dwarf monks (1/12).

Tips Edit

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.3 Changed: Satiety Points buffed from 220 SP to 260 SP.

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