Example of Rankings screen

Rankings is a feature that can be accessed from the Main menu of the game.

Info Edit

The purpose of the Rankings is to record your previous playthroughs, indicating the Hero/ine's class with an icon on right.

The screen also shows the number of Total games played.

A playthrough won't be registered until it has ended. A game is considered finished when: 

  • The Hero/ine dies.
  • The Hero/ine obtains the Amulet of Yendor.

Note: The information is saved when the Amulet is obtained, not actually used.
Happenings after selecting the "I'm not done yet" option from the Amulet won't update that logged Rankings entry.
If the Hero/ine dies after obtaining the Amulet, a separate entry will be logged at the 6th rank.

List of playthroughs Edit

The list can hold the information of 6 games and it will be organized by a hierarchy:

  • Obtained Amulet of Yendor
    • If multiple games have been won, they will be organized by Hero/ine's level placing the highest at the top
  • Games ended by Hero/ine's death
    • They will be organized by maximum depth.
  • The sixth place holds the last game played unless the last game played makes it into the top five, then it takes one of those spaces.

Additional game information Edit


Example of Items tab.

By clicking a specific entry, more information about it will be displayed in 3 different tabs.

  • Stats will show: strength, maximum health, game duration (in turns), maximum depth, enemies slain, gold collected, food eaten, potions cooked and Ankhs used.
  • Items will show only the items equipped and the one in the quickslot.
  • Badges will show the badges obtained in that single run.

History Edit

Update Change
0.3.5 ADDED Rankings (high scores) to the game
0.4 Changed: Rankings screen is slightly redesigned
0.4.1 Added: Additional info in Rankings (more to come)
0.4.2 Added: Number of slain enemies in Rankings
1.6.2 Changed: New Rankings screen
1.6.4a Fixed: A bug related to the Ranking screen is corrected.
1.7.2-1.7.5 Added: Tracks number of games won
1.7.5 Changed: Both quickslot items are displayed in the Ranking window
1.9.0 Changed: The way score is calculated

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