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Here is the reference of commands for the Goo chatbot on the Kiwi IRC

None of these are case sensitive.

Reference List Edit

  • Goo help - Produces a list of some Goo commands
  • Goo link me <query> - Goo produces a link to what the query is on the wiki
    • For instance, entering "Goo link me Tengu" (without the quotes) will have goo provide you a link to the page for Tengu.
  • Goo ambush <user>: <message> - Makes Goo send a the message you specified to the user you specified, as soon as he or she comes back to the chat.
  • Goo cc - Shows the current community challenge from the Pixel Dungeon Reddit.
  • Goo add mod <mod-name> - Adds the mod that you specify to the list of mods produced by "Goo list mods" (without quotes).
  • Goo del mod <mod-name> - Deletes the specified mod from the list of mods produced by "Goo list mods" (without quotes).
    • Goo add mod and Goo del mod should only be used for your own mods.
  • Goo list mods - Lists all the mods that have been submitted with "Good add mod <mod-name>" (without quotes).
  • [[Article name]] - links you to the article you specify. It works the same way as "Goo link me" (without quotes), but it displays the link to everyone.


  • hi - Causes Goo to say: glurp... glurp... (only works when you PM it)
  • hello - same thing as hi
    • Use "hi goo" (without quotes) to get the the result of saying hi in a PM to Goo
  • lol - results in Goo saying: lul (removed)
  • goodbye - Makes Goo say: bye!

Creating your own commands Edit

You can create your own commands.

  • notes from 00-Evan (the active chat moderator):don't go too overboard and try to avoid common phrases.

Syntax for making a reply message: Goo: <command> <reply> <message>

  • <command> is the command text you would type to trigger the command
  • <reply> specifies that you would like a reply
  • <message> is the text that triggering the command will show.

Note: Goo is not included as part of your command name. Only the text from <command> is used to trigger the command.

Removing commands/command replies Edit

As well as creating commands, commands can also be removed.

Here is the syntax for removing a certain reply from a command

  • Goo <command> <dont reply> <message>
    • This will strip a certain reply from a command. If the command had only one reply, then this will have the same effect as the command below this.

Here is the syntax for removing all replies from a command

  • Goo <command> <dont reply>

In both of these examples, <dont reply> specifies that you don't want a reply from a certain command.

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