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Phantom fish

The Phantom fish quest is one of three quests given by the Old Wandmaker.

The Old Wandmaker asks the Hero/ine to help him catch a Phantom fish. The Phantom fish can be found hidden in a water tile. It will not be visible to the player until the Hero/ine searches the cell containing the fish.

Once the fish is given to the Old Wandmaker, the Hero/ine will be rewarded with the choice of either a Battle Wand, or a Non-battle Wand.

It can also be eaten, however, the Hero/ine won't be able to get the reward from the Old Wandmaker afterwards. It gives the Hero/ine Invisibility.

Dialogue Edit

Upon speaking with the Old Wandmaker: Edit

Oh, what a pleasant surprise to meet a decent person in such place! I came here for a rare ingredient: a phantom fish. You can catch it with your bare hands, but it's very hard to notice in the water. Being a magic user, I'm quite able to defend myself against local monsters, but I'm getting lost in no time, it's very embarrassing. Probably you could help me? I would be happy to pay for your service with one of my best wands.

Upon speaking to the Old Wandmaker without the Phantom fish: Edit

Any luck with a phantom fish, <Hero/ine (Sub-)Class name>? You may want to try searching for it in one of the local pools.

Upon returning to the Old Wandmaker with the Phantom fish: Edit

Oh, I see you have succeeded! I do hope it hasn't troubled you too much. As I promised, you can choose one of my high quality wands.

History Edit

Update Change
1.8.0 ADDED to the game

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