Boss 1: Goo Edit

Boss mechanics Edit

Main phase Edit

  • Goo will always appear on the top of the room once you open the locked chest in the center of the room
  • Goo will regenerate 1 point of health on every turn if it stands in the water, lure it out of it!
  • Every non-magical source of damage to the boss or its minions has a chance to cause another minion to appear
  • Such spawns of Goo appear with total health equal to the damage of the hit which caused them to appear
  • However, they will have only part of their health, but they can regenerate it while they are standing in the water
  • If minion recovers full health, it will become docile and stop attacking you (it will start emitting black particles)
  • Docile minions will try to approach their mother to be absorbed, healing it by the amount of their current health
  • When its health becomes low enough, Goo will become enraged and every present minion will become docile 

Alt phase Edit

  • Goo will waste one turn to start its alt phase, giving you time to put some distance or to heal yourself
  • Enrage duration is random and is equal to 5-10/10-20/15-30 turns for the first/second/third enrage
  • While enraged, Goo will spread damaging miasma cloud around on every turn until exhausted
  • After enrage ends, Goo falls asleep and several additional minions appear on the top of the map
  • Amount of these minions depends on # of enrage (1-2/2-3/3-4 for the first, second and third times)
  • Goo will sleep until it recovers all of its health or is disturbed (by receiving damage or hearing a fight nearby)

General strategy Edit

  • Have a weapon with at least +1 bonus and good/perfect condition (good armor also helps, but not as necessary)
  • Dagger is good weapon to use as it'll deal double damage to docile minions and sleeping goo.
  • Refill your waterskin, buy a potion of Mending from the shop, keep at least one potion of Strength
  • Don't equip armors or shields which are too heavy for you as they will decrease you movement speed
  • Lure it to the center of the main island to prevent regeneration from standing in the water
  • Try to kill its minions as soon as they appear, don't let them to stand in the water either
  • When Goo becomes enraged, you better start to run - damage from the miasma cloud is applied on every turn
  • While running, stay closer to the walls of arena and use the statues to kite the boss around arena
  • When Goo becomes exhausted, kill arrived minions as fast as possible to prevent them from healing the boss
  • After that, lure the boss to the main island and start everything again, repeat until boss is defeated

Additional info Edit

General Edit

  • Goo is immune to mind and body effects, which means that it is not affected by poison, charm, stun, etc.
  • It also means that it can't be affected by scrolls of Torment, Vampiric weapons and armors of Retribution
  • It can be damaged by scrolls of Banishment, potions of Blessing, and is ignored by scrolls of Sunlight
  • Also, it is resistant to acid, which means that potions of Corrosive Gas are less effective against this boss
  • Goo has no armor class, but it will receive increased damage from physical sources while frozen
  • Goo also receives increased damage from wands of Disintegration or any sources of electric damage

Enrage Edit

  • Goo can become enraged only thrice per fight - when it's health hits 75%, 50% and 25% marks for the first time
  • Damage dealt by miasma slowly increases as you stay in the cloud, and depends on your total health amount
  • Miasma deals "body" damage, which means that it can be resisted with certain rings and armor enchants
  • Miasma is flammable just like grass tiles or corrosive gas
  • While enraged, Goo receives only half damage from all sources

Minions Edit

  • Chance for the minion to appear depends on damage inflicted (hits for 24+ damage will always create a spawn)
  • Docile minions are unable to dodge, which makes them vulnerable to backstabs and very easy targets in general
  • Docile minions will not stop being docile after losing some of their health, they will continue trying to be absorbed
  • Wands of Magic Missile and of Avalanche deal physical damage, so they can cause minions to appear on hit
  • While enraged, Goo doesn't spawns minions on hit

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