Unleashed Pixel Dungeon is a fork of Shattered Pixel Dungeon and was created by user FatherNature.

Unleashed is attempting to make the game more accessible to a wider audience by including Difficulty Levels, a Tutorial as well as new features to round out the game. Pretty nifty eh?

Notable Features Edit

This mod contains a number of unique changes, including a few controversial ones:

  • Difficulty Levels have been added
    • Tutorial Mode - Includes helpful hints, extra starting items, and weaker enemies.
    • Easy Mode - Extra starting items and weaker enemies.
    • Normal Mode
    • Hard Mode
    • Nightmare Mode
    • Endless Mode (Unlocked after defeating the fourth boss in Normal or Hard mode.) - Contains new unique themed sets of monsters every five depths, mini-bosses and boss fights, and donations and shops. Also, there is a Shop on depth 1.
    • Test Mode (unlocked after returning the amulet to the surface in Normal or Hard mode.)
  • Load / Save Game feature in the easier difficulty levels
  • Altars to donate goods in the hopes of divine intervention
  • Larger Dungeon sizes
  • Deeper Dungeons (Five extra depths in the normal game; Endless mode goes on forever.)
  • Mini-Bosses (Mad Tinkerer, Chaos Mage, Minotaur, Necromancer)
  • New Enemies (Various Slimes, Zombies, Snakes, Velocirooster, Sewer Flies, Assassins, Clay Golems, Spider Bots, Lost Souls, Deep Dwellers)
  • New Weapon Enchantments (Artifact, Glowing, Holy, Hunting, Midas, Vicious)
  • New Armor Glyphs (Resistance)
  • New Depth Feelings (Burnt depths and Open depths)
  • New Room Features and Types (Altar Rooms, Prisons, Eternal Flame Rooms, Archways)
  • User Interface Changes
    • Quick-Slot Auto Aims on the closest enemy
    • Clicking the Version number brings up the change history
    • Allow falling into any depth including Boss Depths
    • Rings listed in the Catalogue
    • Weapon Enchantment descriptions
    • Armor Glyph descriptions
  • Thrown potions can affect enemies
  • Chances of Upgrade Failure (based on item levels) and Maximum Item Level Caps
  • High-Grass can drop items
  • New Items/Some Items work differently
    • Ring of Magic affects recharge rate
    • Potions of Haste/Slowness
    • There is no Tome of Remastery; instead, Tengu drops an additional Tome of Mastery each game, which works like a Potion of Experience.
  • Beta Tester Badge which unlocks content
  • Numerous balance changes including tweaks to Classes and Subclasses, Drop Tables, Buffs, etc.
  • Blessed Ankh: Obtained by using a full dew container to bless Ankh. Ankh will save player upon dying. (In Unleashed, A non-blessed Ankh will lose all non-equipped items, with a prompt asking if the hero wants to continue. A blessed Ankh, upon reahing 0 HP, will be used and give an unknown amount [1/5 guessed, please confirm] of HP back. No items are lost by using a blessed Ankh, except the Ankh itself)