Most wands in Sprouted PD function identically to the original versions from Classic PD, except that charges cap at 14 rather than 9, and it is impossible to target yourself by aiming at a wall.

Auto-targeting has been implemented in Sprouted, but trick shots around corners may still need to be targeted manually, even if the mob seems to be highlighted. (Link is in ref to Sniper, but applies equally well to wands.)

Because it is feasible to upgrade multiple items in Sprouted, you can experiment with high-level versions of wands you normally might not bother with.


Main article: Classic PD Wands

Wand of Telekinesis Edit

Wand of Telekinesis was replaced in the original by the Wand of Reach. Like the WoR, it can be used to trigger traps, open or close doors, and pick up objects from a distance. However, if used on an enemy, it pushes it back one space rather than having the hero switching places with it. Useful on chasm levels, for beaching piranhas in the flooded mine, and pushing unpushable sheeps (It is legal, no consequences upon use).

Wand of Magic Missile Edit

When disenchanting the Wand of Magic Missile, it is possible to transfer as many as 13 upgrades to the other wand. The more Dark Gold Ore you have when you attempt this, the better your chances of transferring all upgrades. 100 pieces are enough to ensure success, and they are not consumed in the process.

Note however that Magic Missile is not a bad single target wand when sufficiently upgraded. If you do not find a Wand of Firebolt or Disintegration, you may prefer not to disenchant.

Wand of Firebolt Edit

Basically the same, with one change: The Wand of Firebolt now has a chance to 'backfire' when it does 255+ damage. The chance is damage/10,000 %. Every shot above 255 gives you a warning that your hands are burning. In normal play, this will almost never actually happen, but with an extremely upgraded wand, it becomes more likely, and if combined with a rage effect such as you get from the moonberry, it's a near certainty. The backfire, if it occurs, will kill you, so it is wise to be well-stocked with ankhs if wielding an upgraded Wand of Firebolt. Also note that after backfiring, the wand's charges will be set to -1, no matter how many were left when the backfire occurred.

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