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Sprouted PD scrolls are basically similar to the ones in Shattered or Classic PD, with a few exceptions and tweaks.

Many of the more common scrolls are often dropped by Gnoll Shamans.


Regrowth Edit

Available as an extremely rare drop from a Rat Boss on Floor 1 or a drop from the Sokoban puzzles, this scroll causes High Grass to grow in all vacant cells of the floor. In addition, the Hero/ine may be able to trample a High Grass cell more than once if the High Grass is trampled after using it. If you want to get the most "Bang from your buck." use it on a much wider floor. ex: Dolyahaven, DM-300 boss floor, etc.

Upgrade Edit

Adds +1 to the item of your choice. Cannot be used to raise any item above +15 unless it has been reinforced. Sometimes dropped by wraiths. Transmutes into a scroll of Magical Infusion.

In Sprouted, the Scroll of Upgrade will not erase weapon enchantments or armor glyphs.

Magical Infusion Edit

Adds +1 to a weapon or armor, and a random enchantment or glyph. Can be used to raise a weapon or armor over +15 even if it has not been reinforced. Can also be used to upgrade and enchant class-specific Epic Armor.

Scrolls of Magical Infusion will overwrite existing weapon enchantments or armor glyphs with new ones.

Scrolls of Magical Infusion are sometimes dropped by wraiths. They transmute into Scrolls of Upgrade.

Scrolls of Magical Infusion can be used to remove the Bloodlust enchantment on your Bloodlust Chainsaw Hand. *WARNING* If you do this your chainsaw doesn't do anything when turned on this cannot be undone.

Remove Curse Edit

Rather than merely removing curses, this scroll actually reverses downgrades, meaning that for example a -2 cursed ring would turn into a +2 ring after the scroll was read. This is why it is better to remove the curse on a downgraded item with the scroll than with a Dew Blessing.

Identify Edit

Fully identifies any item, including upgrade/downgrade level, charges, curse status and strength requirements.

Terror Edit

Applies the Terror debuff to all enemies in view (unless immune) for 5 turns.

Magic Mapping Edit

Reveals the entire floor layout, including secret doors and traps. Some items may also be revealed, but not all. Some levels are warded and cannot be scryed.

Recharging Edit

All wands are immediately reset to full power. Often dropped by Broken Robots ( I suggest you farm these to use it on your Ring of Frost or Ring of Disintegration)

Rage Edit

Alerts and draws enemies to the location where the scroll is read. If read in sight of multiple enemies, they will go amok and fight each other.

Teleportation Edit

Teleports the reader to a random location somewhere on the same depth. Some levels are warded so that you can't teleport

Psionic Blast Edit

Applies the Blinded debuff to all creatures within view for 3-5 turns, including the reader. Inflicts a random amount of damage to all affected creatures. Keep in mind that you don't use it in front of your pet.

Lullaby Edit

Puts all creatures in view to sleep (unless immune), over the course of a couple of turns. The Hero may also fall asleep, unless s/he is at full health, or gets attacked. If the Hero falls asleep and remains undisturbed, s/he will awaken fully healed. Mobs will stay asleep until attacked. Often dropped by Succubi.

Mirror Image Edit

Space permitting, creates up to 4 duplicates of the Hero. These will wander until they find something to attack. After one successful hit, they disappear.

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