Who knew you could grow so much stuff underground? Someone should open up a farmers' market.

Plants and Seeds Edit

Most seeds are found by trampling tall grass, or occasionally as loot. Throw or plant a seed to produce the associated plant.

Varieties Edit

Main article: Shattered PD Plants

Plants are based on the ones from Shattered PD, with the addition of Phase Pitcher and Upgrade Eater. Dewcatcher generates much more Dew than the Shattered version. Seed Pod has not been added to Sprouted.

As in Shattered, seeds can be planted, brewed into their associated potions, or cooked with a Blandfruit.

Phase Pitcher Edit

A Phase Pitcher plant acts like a Well of Transmutation. Note that you cannot plant a Phase Pitcher on a floor that still has an unused Well of Transmutation, nor can you plant more than one on the same floor at the same time.

SproutedPD phase seed
SproutedPD phase plant

Phase Pitcher seeds are extremely rare as tall grass drops, but many can be found near the end of the game, on floor 33, accessible via the Book of the Heavens. One or two may sometimes be found in the Tengu's Hideout, as well. Can be found in the Sokoban levels.

Brewing seeds of Phase pitcher may result in a Potion of Might, but then again it might not.

Dewcatcher Edit

The Dewcatcher is designed to streamline and accelerate the process of upgrading your items via Dew Blessing. With it, you can fill your vial very quickly, and often refill it several times with the same seed.

SproutedPD dew seed
SproutedPD dewcatcher

Stepping on a Dewcatcher plant will spawn multiple drops of colored dew in the tiles immediately surrounding it. Yellow drops are worth 2 dew, red are worth 5, and violet are worth 50. It is often possible to trigger the same plant multiple times before its power fades. It is advisable to pick up and use violet drops before stepping on the plant again, as otherwise they may stack and be wasted.

Brewing Dewcatcher seeds is likely to yield a Potion of Life.

Upgrade Eater Edit

An extremely powerful plant, the Upgrade Eater essentially allows you to harvest upgrades from spare items, and transfer them to your preferred gear. In the next update, seeds of Upgrade Eater will be capped at 15 per game.

SproutedPD seed of upgrade eater
SproutedPD upgrade eater

To use it, plant the seed. The resulting plant looks like a venus flytrap. Do not plant more than one seed at a time, as the extra ones will not function - there can only be one functional Uprade eater on a Floor at a time. In the next update, it should be fixed so that it is impossible for you to plant one if one already exists, similar to how the Phase Pitcher works.

Throw your scrap item into the plant - it can be a weapon, armor, ring or wand (artifacts won't work). You will (most likely) get Upgrade Goo in one of 3 colors: Yellow, Red, or Violet. When applied to another item, the goo will add: It is suggested that you upgrade all your unused equipment to +10 then throw it into the upgrade eater. *You can get the equipments from the book of heavens*

SproutedPD yellow upgoo
SproutedPD red upgoo
SproutedPD violet upgoo

  • Yellow: +1 upgrade
  • Red: +3 upgrades
  • Violet: +5 upgrades

Which color you get (if any) depends on how highly upgraded the item that you threw in was. The chance of spawning Violet Goo is [level of item]/10. If that fails, the chance of spawning Red is [level of item]/5. If that fails, the chance of spawning Yellow is [level of item]/3. If that also fails, you will get a seed of some kind.

You can guarantee getting Violet Goo every time by only throwing in +10 or better items.

Brewing seeds of Upgrade Eater is likely to yield a Potion of Life.

Dreamfoil Edit

SproutedPD dream seed
SproutedPD dreamfoil

Mobs stepping on the plant will fall asleep (unless immune), and remain so until disturbed. If your Hero steps on it, s/he will be cured of any afflictions.

Brewing seeds of Dreamfoil is likely to yield a Potion of Purification.

Starflower Edit

SproutedPD star seed
SproutedPD starflower

Stepping on the plant gives you the Moon Fury buff, equivalent to Rage: next hit does quadruple damage. Moon Fury dissipates after one hit, but the Starflower plant will sometimes last through multiple uses. Note that mobs stepping on the plant may trample it, but they will not get the buff.

Brewing seeds of Starflower may yield a Potion of Experience.

Stormvine Edit

SproutedPD storm seed
SproutedPD stormvine

Anything stepping on the plant gets the Vertigo debuff. This does not release clouds of gas.

Brewing seeds of Stormvine is likely to yield a Potion of Levitation.

Firebloom Edit

SproutedPD fire seed
SproutedPD firebloom

Anything stepping on the plant gets the Burning debuff. Flammable tiles will be set on fire. Can be used to cook monster meat and dungeon nuts.

Brewing seeds of Firebloom is likely to yield a Potion of Liquid Flame.

Icecap Edit

SproutedPD ice seed
SproutedPD icecap

Anything triggering the plant will be frozen, as will anything in the tiles immediately adjacent. The effect is stronger in water. Be careful with this until you have the Potion Bandolier, as unprotected flasks may break when frozen.

Brewing seeds of Icecap is likely to yield a Potion of Frost.

Sorrowmoss Edit

SproutedPD sorrow seed
SproutedPD sorrowmoss

Any creature stepping on the plant will get the Poisoned debuff. The strength of the poison varies directly with dungeon depth.

Brewing seeds of Sorrowmoss is likely to yield a Potion of Toxic Gas.

Sungrass Edit

SproutedPD sun seed
SproutedPD sungrass

Stepping on the plant will gradually heal the character and apply the Herbal Healing buff, but moving will deactivate the buff and cease healing. For quickest results, rest on the plant, if not starving. Sungrass may sometimes be found growing in Garden rooms.

Brewing seeds of Sungrass may yield any potion except Healing, Strength or Might.

Blindweed Edit

SproutedPD blind seed
SproutedPD blindweed

Anything stepping on the plant will get both the Blinded and Crippled debuffs, for 5 turns.

Brewing seeds of Blindweed is likely to yield a Potion of Invisibility.

Earthroot Edit

SproutedPD earth seed
SproutedPD earthroot

Stepping on the plant will give you the Herbal Armor buff, but moving will deactivate it.

Brewing seeds of Earthroot is likely to yield a Potion of Paralytic Gas.

Fadeleaf Edit

SproutedPD fade seed
SproutedPD fadeleaf

Anything stepping on the plant will be teleported to a random location on the floor. Does not work on boss floors.

Brewing seeds of Fadeleaf is likely to yield a Potion of Mind Vision.

Rotberry Edit

SproutedPD rot seed
SproutedPD rotberry

Stepping on the bush applies the Rooted debuff, releases toxic gas, and spawns a Rotberry seed. Picking up the seed sounds an alarm. The seed is the object of one of the Old Wandmaker's quests. This seed is equivalent to an infinite Scroll of Rage just drop it and pick it up very useful in the key floors.

Brewing the seed of Rotberry - why would you do that? Don't do that.

Blandfruit Edit

SproutedPD bland seed
SproutedPD blandfruit

Stepping on the plant spawns a Blandfruit, which can be eaten as is, but is much improved if cooked in an alchemy pot with a seed of some kind (see below).

You cannot obtain more than 15 seeds of Blandfruit from grass in any one game, but Blandfruit bushes may sometimes be found growing in Garden rooms.

Seeds of Blandfruit cannot be brewed.

Blandfruit Recipes Edit

SproutedPD bland

Raw blandfruit has very little going for it. Cooking it with a seed in an Alchemy Pot not only increases its food value 12-fold, it also adds a beneficial effect of some kind. What effect you get depends on which seed you use.

Note that some cooked Blandfruits shatter like potions if thrown. If eaten, all cooked Blandfruits have a food value of 600, more than a ration but less than a pasty.

  • Phase Pitcher: Mightyfruit - Acts like a Potion of Might, permanently increasing Strength by 1 and Health by 5 points.
  • Dewcatcher: Heartfruit - Acts like a Potion of Life, healing you and overfilling your HP by (hero level x 2).
  • Upgrade Eater: Heartfruit - Same as above. Don't waste your Upgrade Eaters this way.
  • Dreamfoil: Dreamfruit - Acts like a Potion of Purification; gives immunity to gases when consumed, or purifies the air if thrown.
  • Starflower: Starfruit - Acts like a Potion of Experience.
  • Stormvine: Stormfruit - Acts like a Potion of Levitation; gives Levitation when consumed, or releases clouds of Vertigo-inducing gas if thrown.
  • Firebloom: Firefruit - If thrown, acts like a Potion of Liquid Flame. If consumed, gives the "Imbued with Fire" buff. You are temporarily immune to fire; flammable tiles you step on turn into embers (though items are not affected), and your melee attacks have a chance to inflict the Burning debuff.
  • Icecap: Icefruit - If thrown, acts like a Potion of Frost. If eaten, acts like Frozen carpaccio, giving you a random buff between Invisible, Barkskin, Refreshed, or Healed.
  • Sorrowmoss: Sorrowfruit - If thrown, acts like a Potion of Toxic Gas. If consumed, gives the "Imbued with Toxicity" buff. You will begin to generate clouds of toxic gas, which you are temporarily immune to. Be careful, as your immunity will wear off before the gas dissipates.
  • Sungrass: Sunfruit - Acts like a Potion of Healing.
  • Blindweed: Blindfruit - Acts like a Potion of Invisibility.
  • Earthroot: Earthfruit - If thrown, acts like a Potion of Paralytic Gas. If consumed, gives the "Imbued with Earth" buff. Your attacks have a chance of inflicting the Rooted debuff.
  • Fadeleaf: Fadefruit - Acts like a Potion of Mind Vision.

Nuts and Berries Edit

Nuts and Berries are usually obtained by trampling tall grass, or occasionally found as loot or dropped by certain mobs. Some are special Key Floor rewards.

Nuts and Berries are stored in the Seed Bag.

Dungeon Nuts Edit

Delicious and nutritious treats found only in the dungeon, these hard-shelled nuts make for a great trail mix.

Dungeon Nut Edit

SproutedPD nut

The Dungeon Nut is a fairly common drop from trampling grass. Eaten raw, it has a modest food value of 50 (out of 700), and occasionally grants Barkskin. If you are trying to upgrade a Horn of Plenty, you can get +1 for every three Dungeon Nuts you store in it.

Toasted Dungeon Nut Edit

SproutedPD toast nut

Get Toasted Dungeon Nuts by exposing regular Dungeon Nuts to fire, from any source. Besides being tastier, they are more nutritious (100 food value), and always grant Barkskin. Very handy for the Prison and Cave floors.

Golden Dungeon Nut Edit

SproutedPD gold nut

The Golden Dungeon Nut is a special reward for the truly dedicated Hero. It permanently increases both your Strength and maximum Health, by either +2/+20 or +5/+50, randomly determined. You obtain it upon leaving The Vault, if and only if you have killed at least 100 mobs there and on all of the other key floors.

Dungeon Berries Edit

At least one of each common Berry will be found on Floor one. More Berries can be acquired by trampling grass, but there is a cap of 40 of each type that can be spawned that way.

In addition, a set 10 of each of the first four types can be acquired upon completion of the Flooded Mine Key Floor, if you kill at least 100 Albino Piranhas while there.

Brown Bats, Boss Rats, and Dwarf Liches occasionally drop berries, which do not count towards the cap.

All Berries have a meager food value of 10. Their real value lies in the buffs that they grant.

Blackberry Edit

SproutedPD blackberry

This dark red berry grants Regeneration, and occasionally Mind Vision. Invaluable in boss fights and on tough floors.

Blueberry Edit

SproutedPD blueberry

This deep blue berry reveals the map of the current floor, including secret doors and traps. It also reveals all items. Occasionally grants Regeneration.

Cloudberry Edit

SproutedPD cloudberry

This bright pink berry grants Haste for a short time, occasionally Levitation, and rarely Regeneration.

Moonberry Edit

SproutedPD moonberry

This light blue berry grants Moon Fury: The next hit with any weapon or wand will do quadruple damage. Occasionally adds Barkskin.

Fullmoonberry Edit

SproutedPD fullmoon

This rare berry is a more effective Moonberry, extending the damage multiplier to multiple hits depending on maximum depth reached.

The only way to get one is to kill at least 100 Albino Piranhas on the Flooded Mine Key Floor, and then exit the level at night.

The Fullmoonberry is best saved for the Shadow Yog fight.

Mushrooms Edit

Trippy edibles that affect some or all creatures on a level, and sometimes the Hero. They cannot be used on Boss levels.

Mostly spawned by trampling tall grass on Key Floors, they are also occasionally dropped by Grey Rats.

Mushrooms are stored in the Potion Bandolier.

Blue Milk Edit

SproutedPD blue milk

"This mushroom oozes a milky blue substance. You feel your senses slipping."

Slows all mobs when eaten, Hastes Hero, gives both parties Regeneration.

Death Cap Edit

SproutedPD death cap

"A deadly-looking fungus found growing in the dungeon. Eat at your own risk."

All mobs on the level lose approximately half their health. Hero loses 1/4 of current health and is temporarily Blinded.

Earthstar Edit

SproutedPD earthstar

"A tiny bit of an unknown world grows in this mushroom. It doesn't feel like a place you'd like to visit..."

All mobs on the level - and the Hero, to a lesser extent - get the Bleeding and Crippled debuffs.

Golden Jelly Edit

SproutedPD golden jelly

"A gelatinous fungus covered in a sticky ooze. Looks like it might cause some havoc if eaten."

Roots all mobs and gives the Hero Vertigo for a short time.

Jack O'Lantern Edit

SproutedPD jack

"A strange heat emanates from this mushroom. Unleashing the fire within could be dangerous."

This cheery looking pumpk- ahh, mushroom has a high chance to Burn mobs, and a low chance to Burn the hero...

Pixie Parasol Edit

SproutedPD pixie

"These mushrooms seem to spin in front of your eyes. You hear fleeting laughter."

This calming blue mushroom puts all mobs to Sleep, makes the hero Dizzy, and gives the hero long-lasting Regeneration.