Potions are based on v0.2.4 of Shattered PD, and thus are very slightly different than the ones in Classic PD. There are also two additional potions available in Sprouted.


It is no longer possible to brew Potions of Healing in an Alchemy pot; to compensate, they are more likely to drop from late-game mobs. Brewing potions in general is somewhat more randomized than in other mods.

Healing Edit

Unchanged in function, now drops frequently from Evil Eyes and Scorpios, as well as Dwarf Warlocks and occasionally Dwarf Liches. Does not drop from Fly Swarms or Vampire Bats.

Mending Edit

Heals damage up to 25% of your max health, and cures ailments such as poison and crippling. Dropped by various goo-type monsters, Fly Swarms , and Vampire Bats. May be brewed occasionally from any seeds.

Life Edit

Heals you to full health, cures ailments, and overfills HP by [hero's level x 2]. May drop occasionally from Dwarf Warlocks; can be brewed from seeds of Dewcatcher and Upgrade Eater, rarely from other seeds.

Experience Edit

Instantly gives you enough experience to level up. May be brewed from Starflower seeds, and rarely from other seeds.

Strength Edit

Permanently increases your Strength stat by one point. Transmutes into Potion of Might.

Might Edit

Permanently increases your Strength by one point, and Health by 5 points. May be brewed from Phase Pitcher seeds, but this is not guaranteed. Can be obtained by Transmuting a Potion of Strength, or has a chance of generating as random loot if a Ring of Wealth is equipped when the Floor is generated.

Liquid Flame Edit

Causes the drinker or target to catch fire, doing immediate and incremental damage. As in Shattered PD, the flames will splash over a 3x3 area. Useful for removing wooden barriers. The associated seed is Firebloom.

Frost Edit

Temporarily freezes creatures in its area of effect, which is a 3x3 square. Also extinguishes flames. Prudence should be used when testing unknown potions, as Frost can cause other potion flasks to break, with disastrous consequences. The associated seed is Icecap.

Invisibility Edit

Gives temporary invisibility, which is broken if the Hero attacks by melee or missile, or uses a scroll or wand of any kind. Indirect attacks such as throwing potions or bombs will not break invisibility. The associated seed is Blindweed.

Levitation Edit

Gives the levitation buff, making you immune to traps and rooting, for 20 turns. As in Shattered PD, throwing a Potion of Levitation releases a cloud of confusing gas; all affected creatures receive the Vertigo debuff. The associated seed is Stormvine.

Mind Vision Edit

Shows all creatures currently on the Floor. This is actually extremely powerful, because many effects in the game (eg. Lullaby, Psionic Blast, Spectral Blades) work by line of sight. If you can see them, you can affect them, no matter where they are. In large open areas, Mind Vision is also very useful for targeting ranged attacks like wands or the Boomerang. The associated seed is Fadeleaf.

Toxic Gas Edit

Creates a cloud of gas that damages all creatures in its area of effect. The associated seed is Sorrowmoss.

Paralytic Gas Edit

Creates a cloud of gas that can paralyze all creatures within its area of effect. The associated seed is Earthroot.

Purification Edit

When drunk, makes you immune to gases for 5 turns. When thrown, instantly dispels all gases within its area of effect. The associated seed is Dreamfoil.

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