Sprouted Pixel Dungeon features several unique items or new uses or features for existing ones.

Items Edit

Otiluke's Journal Edit

It's obtained by burning Bookshelves or buying it from the Shop on depth 6.


  • Safe Room: It's dropped by the 20th Gnoll Archer on the Forest key depth.
  • Sokaban 1: It's dropped by Goo. Basically, it's a sokoban tutorial. Upon completing it first try, the Towel is found at the end of the puzzle.
  • Sokaban 2: It's dropped by Tengu. Upon completing it first try, the Spectacles is found at the end of the puzzle.
    Warning: The puzzle is broken, and it may not be possible to obtain the Spectacles every time.
  • Sokaban 3: It's dropped by DM-300. Upon completing it first try, the Auto Potion is found at the end of the puzzle.
  • Sokaban 4: It's dropped by Dwarf King. Upon completing it first try, the Whistle is found at the end of the puzzle.
  • Dolyahaven: Break the Orb of Zot after winning the game a second time. This opens a portal to the town above the dungeon from which one can reach the Dolyahaven mines.
  • Dragon Cave: Burn Bookshelves with the Spectacles equipped. Upon first visit, an Egg containing a Shadow Dragon is found.
  • Vault: Burn Bookshelves with the Spectacles equipped. Upon first visit, a treasure chest containing a Ring of Wealth is found.

Towel Edit

It removes the bleeding debuff from you or your pet. (Can only be used 10 times? Not Sure.)

Spectacles Edit

When equipped:

Spectacles can reveal the Dragon Cave and Vault pages for Otiluke's Journal by burning Bookshelves.

They also allow the successful usage of Scrolls of Magic Mapping and Potions of Mind Vision in Otiluke's Journal depths. Without them equipped, you will not be able to see the map layout or see enemies.

Auto Potion Edit

Automatically uses a Potion of Healing when health is low.

Whistle Edit

When blown, it immediately summons your pet to your side. Using this, you can summon your pet from a different dungeon floor or a journal depth. However, this does not work with the key levels or with one of the boss levels (Skeleton King, Crab King, or Bandit King.) Blowing the whistle in this case after leaving your pet behind in one of the key levels/boss levels seems to kill it, meaning you lose your pet, but at least you can hatch another. If you blow the whistle without any pet, nothing happens.

Ankh Edit

SproutedPD ankh
This ancient symbol of immortality grants the ability to return to life after death.

As in Classic PD, a basic Ankh can revive your Hero/ine after death, at the cost of losing all non-equipped items in the Backpack. As in Shattered PD, "imbuing" it with 10 drops of Dew allows you to retain your items, except the Ankh itself, which is, of course, consumed. In Sprouted PD, the Ankh is obtained already imbued and will also restore you to full health upon use and allow you to retain all items you currently have without the Ankh itself.

Ankhs can sometimes be found in Shops, and always in Pit Rooms. Numerous Ankhs can be found in the optional Book of the Living floor, accessible after beating Yog-Dzewa.

If thrown into a Well of Transmutation, an Ankh will turn into a Potion of Life.

Ankhs are stored on the Chain, once you obtain it.

Pickaxe Edit

SproutedPD pickaxe
This is a large and sturdy tool for breaking rocks. Probably it can be used as a weapon.

The Pickaxe is obtained from the Troll Blacksmith for the purpose of fulfilling his quest. It can be equipped as a (poor) melee weapon, or used from the Backpack to mine Dark Gold Ore. You can put the Pickaxe into a quick-slot to facilitate the mining process.

As in other forks, the quest will either be to kill a bat with the Pickaxe, or use it to mine 15 pieces of Ore. It is not necessary to complete the quest immediately - indeed, it can be risky to attempt it, as the Caves are quite dangerous when you first arrive.

In Sprouted PD, you retain the Pickaxe even after turning in the quest, because you will need it for other purposes. In addition to mining more Ore, it is the best tool for destroying the skull tombstone in the Dwarf King's lair.

Dark Gold Ore Edit

SproutedPD dark gold
Dark Gold Ore
This metal is called dark, not because of its color (it doesn't differ from normal gold), but because it melts under daylight, making it useless on the surface.

Dark Gold Ore is found in the walls of Floors 11 - 15, and can be mined with the Pickaxe obtained from the Troll Blacksmith. It has numerous uses:

  • One of the Troll Blacksmith's quests requires you to mine 15 pieces. You will get to keep these after turning in the quest.
  • The more Ore you have when Disenchanting your Wand of Magic Missile (when playing as a Mage), the better your chances of transferring all upgrades to the other wand. 100 pieces should guarantee full transfer (up to +13), but you can get by with less. Disenchanting does not consume the ore, so you can use it again for other purposes.
  • The more Ore you have when Reforging your Short Sword (when playing as a Warrior), the better your chances of transferring all upgrades the the other weapon. 100 pieces should guarantee full transfer (all upgrades), but you can get by with less. Reforging the Short Sword does not consume the ore, so you can use it again for other purposes.
  • Having the Blacksmith's brother reinforce an item with Adamantite costs 50 pieces of Ore, which are consumed. As there are 5 pieces of Adamantite in the game, using all 5 would cost you 250 pieces of Ore in all. Note that as of v0.3.0c, the brother will take all of the gold you have, even if it is more than 50 pieces. Make sure that you are not carrying more than 50 pieces of Ore when you get an item reinforced!
  • The more Ore you have when using your Blacksmith reforge, the better your chances of transferring all upgrades to the other item. 100 pieces should guarantee full transfer (up to +13). However, this does consume the Ore. In fact it consumes all of the Ore you have in inventory, no matter how much it is. Using your Blacksmith reforge without any Ore at all should still result in a majority of upgrades being transferred, so you may prefer to save your Ore for other uses.

There is a finite amount of Dark Gold Ore available in the game, so if you want to use all 5 pieces of Adamantite, you may have to skimp on Ore for the Blacksmith reforge. If you are unlucky with floor layouts, there might not even be enough for 5 reinforcements, so you may have to choose.

Mr. Destructo and Mr. Destructo 2.0 Edit

SproutedPD destructo
Mr. Destructo
It reads, MR. DESTRUCTO. An odd contraption. What does it do?

Mr. Destructo replaces Lloyd's Beacon as an occasional drop from The Goo on Floor 5. When activated, it shoots disintegration rays in all directions at mobs. While it will not target you, it may hit you if you are in the way. It loses energy with every shot, and also if attacked. When out of energy, it deactivates and can be picked up. It can be recharged in a Well of Transmutation, or a Phase Pitcher plant.

If you have a Mr. Destructo in your inventory when you do the Tinkerer's quest on Floor 12, he will recharge it for you if it's deactivated, and also give you a Mr. Destructo 2.0, a more powerful version of the same device.

SproutedPD destructo2
Mr. Destructo 2.0
It reads, MR. DESTRUCTO 2.0. An odd contraption. What does it do?

You can often obtain one or two Mr. Destructos in the Tengu's Hideout, if you search the Rat King's chests.

Mr. Destructos are stored in the Scroll Holder, once you obtain it.

You can also obtain one if you throw an active Mr. Destructo into a well of transmutation or a Phase Pitcrer plant.

The Orb of Zot Edit

SproutedPD orb of zot
Orb of Zot
The Orb of Zot is a source of unlimited power, created by the wizard Zot. Apparently, Yog was harnessing its power to infest the dungeon.

The final prize of the game, the Orb of Zot is dropped by the last Shadow Yog. If you don't see it, search the Floor - sometimes the Shadow Yogs teleport right before they die.

Unlike the Amulet of Yendor, the Orb actually does something. To find out what, step on a bunch of summoning traps and then activate it. You... might want to stand back.

The Orb of Zot is stored in the Scroll Holder.

Toadstool Edit

SproutedPD toadstool2
Toadstool Mushroom
A Toadstool mushroom! Growing here in this dank dungeon! Who would have imagined such a thing!

Not to be confused with edible Mushrooms, the Toadstool is a quest object that cannot be consumed or used in any way. You will find one each on Floors 2, 12, and 32. Give them to the Tinkerer to earn your reward.

Honey Edit

SproutedPD honey
Life giving nectar

Although it looks like a potion, Honey is stored in regular inventory and cannot be found as loot or brewed via alchemy. The only way to obtain it is to throw a broken Honeypot into a Well of Transmutation or a Phase Pitcher plant.

When consumed, increases your maximum Health by a random amount, between 5 and 20 points.

Dwarf Demon Hammer Edit

SproutedPD ddhammer
Dwarf Demon Hammer
Too fragile to use as a weapon, this magic hammer was used to seal the demons in this level.

Perhaps there is just enough magic left to unseal the next level...

One of these can be found somewhere on Floor 22, and another on Floor 23. You need them to unseal the next level. Stand anywhere in the room with the pedestal - except on the pedestal - and use the Hammer.

There is no Dwarf Demon Hammer on Floor 24. To get to Floor 25, you need to fight the demonic Animated Statue that guards the pedestal on 24. In addition to a weapon, he will drop the Ancient Halls key that takes you to Yog's lair.

Containers Edit

Containers make managing your inventory much easier. Some of them are found, and some purchased. Of the ones that are purchased, you can actually control which ones you get in which shops. When you first descend to a shop level, whichever item type that you have the most of will determine which type of container spawns in the shop.

For example, if you want the first shop to have a Scroll Holder, you should make sure you have more scrolls than potions or wands when you descend to floor 6. If you want the Potion Bandolier, have more potions, and so on.

Key Ring Edit

SproutedPD key ring
Key Ring
This key ring can hold your keys. Very handy!

Holds all iron, golden, and magical keys.

Seed Bag Edit

SproutedPD seedbag
Seed Bag
This small velvet pouch allows you to store any number of seeds in it. Very convenient.

Also holds nuts and berries. In v0.3.0c, the Seed Bag is not actually big enough to hold all of the fruit available in the game, but this is slated to be fixed in the next update.

Chain Edit

SproutedPD chain
This Chain can hold your amulets and other small jewelry. Must be a pretty scary dungeon you are heading into!

The Chain can spawn randomly in any garden room. Lucky heroes may find it somewhere in the Sewer. Unlucky heroes might not find it until they get to the Book of the Living floor, after defeating Yog-Dzewa.

It holds ankhs, as well as all rings, including Adamantite rings and the Ring of Disintegration. Does not hold Ring of Frost.

Potion Bandolier Edit

SproutedPD bandolier
Potion Bandolier
This thick bandolier fist around your chest like a sash. It has many small vials to hold your potions.

The vials are made out of tempered glass, and should be quite resistant to the cold. There's also a big jar attached for holding mushrooms. Very nice!

This will spawn in one of the first three shops. Holds all potions and mushrooms, and protects them from cold damage. It is not a bad idea to get this before going to any of the Key Floors.

Scroll Holder Edit

SproutedPD scroll holder
Scroll Holder
This tubular container looks like it would hold an astronomer's charts, but your scrolls will fit in just as well.

The holder doesn't look very flammable, so your scrolls should be safe from the fire inside it. There is a handy little compartment for your bombs and other explosives, too. Nice!

This will spawn in one of the first three shops. It protects your scrolls from damage by fire. In addition, it also holds Holy Hand Grenades, Mr. Destructos, and Bombs (excluding Dumpling Bombs).

Wand Holster Edit

SproutedPD wand holster
Wand Holster
This slim holster is made from some exotic animal, and is designed to compactly carry up to 12 wands.

The size seems a bit excessive, who would ever have that many wands?

The Wand Holster holds your wands for you.