Food is relatively plentiful in Sprouted PD, which is helpful for exploring the larger levels, and for grinding. You should never be at serious risk of starving to death.

In addition to reducing hunger, all Heroes heal a small amount when they eat. For most classes, this is 1-3 HP; Warriors are a special case. They heal a random amount, with the maximum being either 7 or the energy of the food/40, whichever is greater. When eating a Pasty, a Warrior could theoretically heal up to 17 points. Since you will most commonly be eating Chargrilled Meat, the typical amount will be 1-8 points.

Hunger Edit

The basic Hunger mechanic is most similar to that in Classic PD, however it takes approximately twice as long to reach the point of starvation in Sprouted. When fully sated, the hunger counter is at zero. When the hunger counter reaches 600, the Hero enters the Hungry state. When it reaches 700, S/he enters the Starving state, and will periodically lose a point of Health. 

Eating food lowers the counter by some set amount. Some foods are more satisfying than others. The counter also gets lowered by 10 points when you level up.

Types of Food Edit

Pasty Edit

SproutedPD pasty
  • Food energy: 700
  • The most filling food item, a Pasty completely sates you from the Starving state.
  • Occasionally found instead of regular rations.

Ration Edit

SproutedPD ration
  • Food energy: 600
  • Typically found as random loot, at least one per floor (or Pasty instead).
  • Extra Rations or Pasties are often found in Pit Rooms or Barricaded Rooms.
  • Rations are sometimes dropped by Dwarf Monks.

Monster Meat Edit

SproutedPD monster meat
  • Food energy: 100
  • Raw Monster Meat has a 1/15 chance to Poison you.
  • Can be cooked to make Chargrilled Meat, or frozen to make Frozen Carpaccio.
  • Dropped by many mobs, including rats, bats, gnolls and others.

Mystery Meat Edit

SproutedPD mystery meat
  • Food energy: 100
  • Raw Mystery Meat has a 1/5 chance to inflict each of the following: Root, Poison, Burn, Slow, no effect.
  • Often dropped by Sewer Crabs, Cave Spinners, and Scorpions.

Frozen Carpaccio Edit

SproutedPD carpaccio
  • Food energy: 100
  • Obtain it by freezing Monster or Mystery Meat, either via Icecap plant or Potion of Frost.
  • Has a 1/5 chance of granting each of the following: Invisibility, Barkskin, Refreshed, Healed, no effect.

Chargrilled Meat Edit

SproutedPD chargrilled
  • Food energy: 350
  • Obtain it by burning Monster or Mystery Meat, via Firebloom plant, Potion of Liquid Flame, fire trap, or Wand of Firebolt.
  • Chargrilled Meat is perfectly safe to eat, with no risk of ill effects. It is a Sprouted PD staple food item at the start and in late game.

Dungeon Nuts Edit

SproutedPD toast nut
  • Food energy, raw: 50
  • Food energy, toasted: 100
  • Get these by trampling tall grass, and toast them with fire. They are not primarily useful as food.

Dungeon Berries Edit

SproutedPD cloudberry
  • Food energy: 10
  • Get these by trampling tall grass, or occasionally as loot or mob drops. They are not primarily useful as food.

Mushrooms Edit

SproutedPD pixie
  • Food energy: 10
  • Get these by trampling tall grass on Key Floors or Floor 32, or killing Grey Rats. They are not primarily useful as food.

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