Although several of the rings in Shattered Pixel Dungeon share the same name as those from the original game, the effects of most of the rings are at least slightly modified.

Rings Edit

Ring of Accuracy Edit

Modified Ring of Accuracy
Fading rings
Ring of Accuracy
This ring increases your focus, reducing your enemy's ability to dodge your attacks. A degraded ring will instead make you easier to evade.
  • The enemy's dodge chance is reduced.

Ring of Elements Edit

Modified Ring of Elements
Fading rings
Ring of Elements
This ring provides resistance to different elements, such as fire, electricity, gases etc. Also it decreases duration of negative effects.
  • This ring reduces direct damage from elemental attacks and reduces the duration of debuffs.

Ring of Evasion Edit

Modified Ring of Evasion
Fading rings
Ring of Evasion
This ring obfuscates the true position of the wearer, making them harder to detect and attack. This ring is much stronger while the user remains undetected, and if the user is targeted the power of evasion will slowly fade away, remaining undetected will restore the ring's effectiveness. A degraded ring will instead make the user easier to detect and strike.
  • This ring increases your Hero/ine's chance to dodge enemy attacks. (Apparently, this ring was nerfed in Shattered).

Ring of Force Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Force
This ring enhances the force of the wearer's blows. This extra power is largely wasted when wielding weapons, but an unarmed attack will be made much stronger. A degraded ring will instead weaken the wearer's blows.

When unarmed, at your current strength, average damage with this ring is x points per hit. Wearing a second ring of force would enhance this.

Ring of Furor Edit

Modified Ring of Haste
Fading rings
Ring of Furor
This ring grants the wearer an inner fury, allowing them to attack more rapidly. This fury works best in large bursts, so slow weapons benefit far more than fast ones. A degraded ring will instead slow the wearer's speed of attack.
  • It increases the Hero/ine's attack speed, especially for normal or slow weapons.
  • This can help the Gladiator subclass maintain longer combos.

Ring of Haste Edit

Modified Ring of Haste
Fading rings
Ring of Haste
This ring reduces the stress of movement on the wearer, allowing them to run at superhuman speeds. A degraded ring will instead weigh the wearer down.
  • It increases the Hero/ine's run speed. (It no longer increases the speed of all actions.)

Ring of Magic Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Magic
Your wands will become more powerful in the arcane field that radiates from this ring. Degraded rings of magic will instead weaken your wands.
  • It appears to increase the damage with wands. It does not increase the number of charges with wands.

Ring of Might Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Might
This ring enhances the physical traits of the wearer, granting them greater physical strength and constitution. A degraded ring will weaken the wearer.
  • It gives the Hero/ine +1 Strength per level.
  • If it is cursed, it will decrease Strength by 1 per level.
  • Even if it is unidentified, one can easily tell that they are wearing one by checking their Strength for any sudden increases.

Ring of Sharpshooting Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Sharpshooting
This ring enhances the wearer's precision and aim, which will make all projectile weapons more accurate and durable. A degraded ring will have the opposite effect.
  • It apparently increases the ranged weapon's accuracy and damage.
  • One of the effects of this ring is that it gives a chance for a consumable projectile to fall off an enemy after a successful hit instead of disappearing, allowing for extra uses.

Ring of Tenacity Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Tenacity
When worn, this ring will allow the wearer to resist normally mortal strikes. The more injured the user is, the more resistant they will be to damage. A degraded ring will instead make it easier for enemies to execute the wearer.
  • It increases damage resistance proportional to how low your Hero/ine's health is.
  • This could be very helpful to the Berserker subclass, which does more damage at low health.

Damage Reduction Formula:
Dmg incurred * 0.85(Ring Level * %MissingHP)
%MissingHP = percentage, scaling from 0(Full HP) to 1(0 HP)

At 14th health with +4 ring, damage incurred * 0.85(4*3/4) = ~0.614, reducing damage by about 39%.
In direr circumstances, with 15th health and a +10 ring, damage is reduced to ~27 %.

Ring of Wealth Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Wealth
It's not clear what this ring does exactly, good luck may influence the life of an adventurer in many subtle ways. Naturally a degraded ring would give bad luck.

From SloanReynolds, via the Pixel Dungeon sub-reddit:

  • Each mob has a base LootChance. When your Hero/ine slays them, your Hero/ine generates a random number between 0 and 1. If it's less than the mob's Base, an item will drop. Ring of Wealth increases this LootChance: TotalLootChance = BaseLootChance × 1.1ringLevel (Yes, that's an exponent)
  • A +2 would be Base × 1.21, +8: Base × ≈2.14. That more than doubles the drop chances of most mobs, but several of them guarantees a drop.
  • For Level gen: if randomBetween0And1 > 0.95ringLevel then: spawn Potion of Might, or Scroll of Weapon Upgrade
  • If randomBetween0And1 < whicheverIsGreater (0.8 (ringLevel x .05) + .3), then: generate an extra item in the level and do this again until the randomBetween is >=, not <.

History Edit

Update Change
Update # Changelog

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