Although several of the rings in Shattered Pixel Dungeon share the same name as those from the original game, the effects of most of the rings are at least slightly modified.

A note on formulas: +0 rings are treated as "level 1" rings for the purposes of the formulas, and cursed rings are treated as -3 at +0, -2 at +1, and -1 at +2 and above, such that -1 does nothing; they are literally plugged into the formulas that way.

Rings Edit

Ring of Accuracy Edit

Modified Ring of Accuracy
Fading rings
Ring of Accuracy
This ring increases your focus, reducing your enemy's ability to dodge your attacks. A degraded ring will instead make you easier to evade.

Enemies have their evasion multiplied by 0.75 for every level of the ring.

Ring of Elements Edit

Modified Ring of Elements
Fading rings
Ring of Elements
This ring provides resistance to different elements, such as fire, electricity, gases etc. Also it decreases duration of negative effects.

The duration and damage of the following harmful effects and attacks are multiplied by 0.875 for every level of the ring when appropriate:

  • Magical Attacks
    • Gnoll Shaman's Lightning
    • Dwarf Warlock's Shadow Bolt
    • Evil Eye's Deathgaze
    • Burning Fist's Shadow Bolt
  • Fire
  • Charm
  • Chill
  • Frost (being frozen)
  • Caustic Ooze
  • Paralysis
  • Corrosion
  • Weakness
  • Disintegration
  • Grim, but only from traps
  • Toxic Gas
  • Electricity

Ring of Evasion Edit

Modified Ring of Evasion
Fading rings
Ring of Evasion
This ring quickens the wearer's reactions, making it harder to land blows on them. A cursed ring will instead make the user easier to strike.

The user's evasion is multiplied by 1.15 for every level of the ring.

Ring of Force Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Force
This ring enhances the force of the wearer's blows. This extra power is largely wasted when wielding weapons, but an unarmed attack will be made much stronger. A degraded ring will instead weaken the wearer's blows.

Essentially, this causes the game to treat an unarmed attack like an attack from an equivalent ½(strength - 8)-tier weapon, and upgraded rings are treated as literal weapon upgrades, scaling according to the aforementioned tier. It should be noted that after the Hero attains 18 strength, the tier is instead calculated as ½ + ¼×strength.

When the hero is using a weapon, the weapon gains an additional point of bonus damage for every level of the ring.

Ring of Furor Edit

Modified Ring of Haste
Fading rings
Ring of Furor
This ring grants the wearer an inner fury, allowing them to attack more rapidly. This fury works best in large bursts, so slow weapons benefit far more than fast ones. A degraded ring will instead slow the wearer's speed of attack.

This multiplies the Hero's attack speed by 1 / [ 0.2 + ( 1/current_attack_speed - 0.2 ) 0.85^level ].

Ring of Haste Edit

Modified Ring of Haste
Fading rings
Ring of Haste
This ring reduces the stress of movement on the wearer, allowing them to run at superhuman speeds. A degraded ring will instead weigh the wearer down.

The user's speed is multiplied by 1.2 for every level of the ring.

Ring of Energy Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Energy
Your wands will recharge more quickly in the arcane field that radiates from this ring. A cursed ring will instead slow wand recharge.

This causes wands to think they are missing an extra charge per level of the ring than they really are; wands charge faster when more charges are missing.

Ring of Might Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Might
This ring enhances the physical traits of the wearer, granting them greater physical strength and constitution. A degraded ring will weaken the wearer.

The hero is granted an extra point of Strength per level of the ring, and their maximum health is multiplied by 1.035 for each level of the ring. This ring can easily be identified by checking your Strength and Health for any sudden increases when equipped.

Ring of Sharpshooting Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Sharpshooting
This ring enhances the wearer's precision and aim, which will make all projectile weapons more damaging and durable. A cursed ring will have the opposite effect.

While this does not increase accuracy for some reason, it instead multiplies the damage and durability of missile weapons by 1+0.2×level and 1.2^level, respectively.

Ring of Tenacity Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Tenacity
When worn, this ring will allow the wearer to resist normally mortal strikes. The more injured the user is, the more resistant they will be to damage. A degraded ring will instead make it easier for enemies to execute the wearer.
  • It increases damage resistance proportional to how low your Hero/ine's health is.
  • This can be very helpful to the Berserker subclass, which can maintain Rage much more easily at low health.

Damage Reduction Formula:
Dmg incurred * 0.85(Ring Level * %MissingHP)
%MissingHP = percentage, scaling from 0 (Full HP) to 1 (0 HP)

At 14th health with +4 ring, damage incurred * 0.85(4*3/4) = ~0.614, reducing damage by about 39%.
In more dire circumstances, with 15th health and a +10 ring, damage is reduced to ~27 %.

Ring of Wealth Edit

Fading rings
Ring of Wealth
It's not clear what this ring does exactly, good luck may influence the life of an adventurer in many subtle ways. Naturally a degraded ring would give bad luck.
  • Drop rates across the board are multiplied by 1.15 for each level of the ring
  • When a container is opened or an enemy is killed:
    • A number between 15 and 60 is rolled, but only on the first try. If two rings are equipped, the ring with the highest number will sync that number to the other ring.
    • The number is reduced by tries×1.2^(level-1), where tries is 1 for chests and regular enemies, 3 for quest enemies, and 5 for bosses.
    • If the number is 0, a rare drop is awarded according to this table, and any extra is carried over to make it easier for the next drop to generate a rare drop:
Probability Contents
20% 1x Gold
20% 1x Potion
20% 1x Scroll
10% 5x Seed
10% 3x Potion/Scroll
10% 1x Bomb

1x Honey Pot

10% 5x Gold (regular multiplied by 5)

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