Overview Edit

A Cursed item is an item that, once equipped, cannot be unequipped. In Shattered Pixel Dungeon, the items will not have a negative level, but cursed items can have additional negative effects.

Knowing if an item is cursed Edit

  • If an item is known to be cursed, the item's background will be red and the description box will give the information: "You can feel a malevolent magic lurking within this item."
  • You can discover if the item is cursed by using a Scroll of Identify, a Scroll of Remove Curse, or by simply equipping it (be prepared to deal with the negative effects).
  • Items from Skeletal remains (and Hero's remains), that have a Wraith spawn, or a ring from the Ambitious imp, are always cursed.

How to remove the curse Edit

You can use a Scroll of Remove Curse to lift the curse off from one selected artifact, weapon, armor, wand, or ring. All other items will remain cursed.

You can also use a Scroll of Upgrade to weaken the curse. This will allow the item to be unequipped, but will only sometimes negate the negative effect of the curse.

Drinking from a Well of Heath with cursed gear equiped will cause all the curses on the equiped gear to be removed regardless of how much gear equiped is cursed.

Cursed weapons Edit

Exhausting Curse Edit

Exhausting weapons take great effort to use and will periodically weaken the wearer as a result.

Sacrificial Curse Edit

Sacrificial weapons will demand blood from the wearer in return for attacking enemies. The more healthy the wearer is, the more blood the curse will take.

Wayward Curse Edit

A wayward weapon has a very hard time finding its mark, making it extremely inaccurate unless the attack is guaranteed to succeed.

Displacing Curse Edit

Displacing weapons are infused with chaotic teleportation magic, possessing the ability to warp enemies around the floor randomly.

Annoying Curse Edit

Annoying weapons are capable of speech, but they're a bit too energetic. They will often draw attention to you without meaning to.

Fragile Curse Edit

Fragile weapons start out just as strong as their normal counterparts but rapidly decrease in effectiveness as they are used.

Cursed Armor Edit

Curse of Anti-entropy Edit

Anti-entropy curse works against the forces of the universe, pulling energy away from the attacker and into the wearer. This briefly freezes the attacker, but sets the wearer on fire!

Curse of Corrosion Edit

Armor of corrosion is capable of bursting with corrosive fluid, coating everything in the area with sticky acidic ooze.

Curse of Displacement Edit

The curse of displacement attemps to move the wearer to safety when s/he is attacked. It is a bit too effective however, randomly teleporting the wearer around the depth.

Curse of Metabolism Edit

The metabolism curse directly converts satiety into health when the wearer is injured, providing a boost of healing, but quickly causing starvation.

Curse of Multiplicity Edit

Armor cursed with multiplicity contains dangerous duplication magic. It will sometimes create a mirror image of the wearer, but is equally likely to duplicate the attacker!

Cursed Rings Edit

Cursed Wands Edit

Main article: Shattered PD Cursed Wand Effects

Zapping a wand will determine if the wand is cursed or not. Zapping a cursed wand will randomly select from a pool of various effects, ranging from teleportation to crashing the game with a "Cursed Wand Error." There is a chance that zapping a cursed wand will curse equipped, uncursed items, possibly adding negative effects to them.

  • Hint: If there is no other chance of surviving a very dangerous situation, it is worth zapping a cursed wand, hoping it could prove advantageous.

Cursed Artifacts Edit

Every artifact has its own negative effect, which is always the same.