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 Overview Edit

From the Play Store Page:

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike RPG, with pixel art graphics and lots of variety and replayability. Every game is unique, with four different playable characters, randomized levels and enemies, and over 150 items to collect and use. The game is simple to get into, but has lots of depth. Strategy is required if you want to win!

This game is based on the freely available source code of source code of Pixel Dungeon. It began as a project to improve on the original game's quirks, but has since evolved into a separate game, with many unique features.

ShatteredPD includes:

  • High replayability: Randomly generated levels, enemies, and items. No two games are the same!
  • 4 hero classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Huntress. Each hero has a unique playstyle.
  • 8 subclasses: Successful heroes can refine their skills to become more powerful.
  • 5 distinct dungeon regions: each with their own enemies, traps, and quests.
  • Over 150 different items: including powerful wands, rings, weapons, and armor.
  • 50+ different enemies, 30 different traps, and 5 bosses to test your skills.
  • Unique artifacts, which grow in power as you use them.
  • Updates, with new content roughly once a month.

ShatteredPD is a 100 % free game. There are no advertisements, microtransactions, or paywalls. An optional donation to support the game unlocks a couple of fun extras, but these are entirely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.

Find an issue with the game? Have a suggestion? Then contact me! This game is a solo project, so the feedback of players is invaluable in improving the game. You can contact me at (My ability to respond to emails in languages other than English is limited.)

ShatteredPD is available in multiple languages thanks to support from the community. The translation project is hosted here:

ShatteredPD is open source software under the GPLv3 Licence. You can find the current source code here:

Classes Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Classes

While no new classes have been added to Shattered PD, it has made some tweaks to a few of the existing classes. The Mage and its sub-classes have received the biggest rework in v0.3.0, with a slew of minor and major changes. Both the Rogue and the Huntress have seen some more subtle tweaks to help them fill their niche roles better.

Weapons Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Weapons

Shattered PD has several new and reworked weapons compared to vanilla Pixel Dungeon.

Tier-1 Edit

  • Worn Shortsword
  • Dagger
  • Knuckleduster
  • Mage's Staff

Tier-2 Edit

  • Dirk
  • Quarterstaff
  • Spear
  • Shortsword
  • Hand Axe

Tier-3 Edit

  • Mace
  • Sword
  • Round Shield
  • Sai
  • Scimitar
  • Whip

Tier-4 Edit

  • Assassin's Blade
  • Runic Blade
  • Longsword
  • Battle Axe
  • Flail
  • Crossbow

Tier-5 Edit

  • Glaive
  • Greataxe
  • Greatshield
  • War Hammer
  • Greatsword
  • Stone Gauntlet

Artifacts Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Artifacts

Artifacts are a new feature exclusive to Shattered PD and any variants that use Shattered PD at their core. Artifacts offer the Hero/ine new or enhanced abilities such as the ability to steal, enhanced regeneration, and so on. Artifacts also work outside the existing enchantment progress with each artifact having certain requirements that need to be met to grow in power.

Artifacts share the same "accessory" slot as rings meaning that you can equip at most a total of 2 of any rings or artifacts in your possession. Artifacts in your inventory cannot be used (with the exception of one feature of Lloyd's Beacon), nor do they recharge or grow in power.

Wands Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Wands

Wands received a large overhaul in the 0.3.0 update. Only a small handful of the original vanilla wands remain, though the effects of the removed wands tend to remain in some form within the new wands (or artifact, in the case of teleportation). Even the remaining wands have been tweaked in some way.

All wands now have a unique sprite, allowing the player to identify the type of wand it is on sight, however, the player will no longer be able to identify the level/max charges of a wand just by zapping it (though it will still be fully identified with enough use). Wands also have the potential to be cursed now, which has a chance to cause a random magical "backfire" upon use.

Rings Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Rings

Like many items from Vanilla Pixel Dungeon, rings have also received an overhaul on their effects. Some rings have been stripped from the game (though their effects are generally transferred into other items such as artifacts), and a handful of new ones are now available. Even the rings that have carried over into SPD have been balanced, with either tweaks to their effect, or a general toning down for some of the more powerful rings (i.e. Evasion and Haste).

Rings share the same accessory equipment slots as artifacts, meaning the Hero/ine can have equipped at max a combination of 2 rings/artifacts at a time.

Curses Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Curses

Curses are more severe in Shattered Pixel Dungeon than in vanilla Pixel Dungeon. Weapons and armor can have additional negative effects and curses are harder to remove from the Hero/ine's gear as the Scroll of Remove Curse will only remove the curse from one item, and it's the only way to remove curses from unequipped items. Using a Well of Health still removes curses from equipped items.

Fruit Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Plants

Heroes/Heroines who chance upon gardens or get lucky while trampling grass, may come across a new plant: the Blandfruit. As the name implies, the fruit from this plant is pretty unexceptional, and will barely do anything for your Hero/ine on its own.

Blandfruit can be cooked with a Seed in an Alchemy pot to make a magical food. All resulting foods fill hunger to full.

Seeds Edit

As of version 0.2.2a, three new seed types have been introduced.

  • Seed of Dreamfoil - Anything stepping on the plant will fall asleep. If the Hero/ine does so and is not starving, s/he will be refreshed. For alchemy purposes, the associated potion is Purification.
  • Seed of Stormvine - Anything stepping on the plant will receive the Vertigo debuff. Note that this does not release clouds of gas the way Dreamweed does. For alchemy purposes, the associated potion is Levitation.
  • Seed of Starflower - It's very rare compared to most seeds and gives the new Blessed debuff, increasing stats in battle. For alchemy purposes, the associated potion is Experience.

Traps Edit

Main article: ShatteredPD Traps

As of version 0.3.1, 23 new traps have been added to the roster of possible ways the dungeon itself is happy to kill you, with slight tweaks made to some of the existing traps from Pixel Dungeon.

Quests Edit

Sad Ghost's Quests Edit

The Sad Ghost has a few new baddies that it may want your Hero/ine to avenge for it. Along with the Fetid Rat (which has been graphically reworked), Heroes/Heroines can now be pitted against the cunning Gnoll Trickster, or the hardy Great Crab! All of these bosses have mechanisms which emphasize using the environment to your advantage; something I hope to help new players get a feel for. Lastly, the Dried Rose quest has been removed, it was too simple and added nothing to gameplay.

The boss that your Hero/ine fights seem to depend on which depth the Sad Ghost appears.

  • Depth 2 - Fetid Rat
  • Depth 3 - Gnoll Trickster
  • Depth 4 - Great Crab

Giant Crab Edit

This crab is gigantic, even compared to other sewer crabs. Its blue shell is covered in cracks and barnacles, showing great age. It lumbers around slowly, barely keeping balance with its massive claw.

While the crab only has one claw, its size easily compensates. The crab holds the claw in front of itself whenever it sees a threat, shielding itself behind an impenetrable wall of carapace.

  • The Giant Crab moves at half the speed.
  • He blocks all attacks that are not guaranteed hits including magic attacks.
  • To slay it easier, hide around corners and doors to perform surprise attacks, which are guaranteed hits. Stunning, paralyzing, burning, or poisoning it via planted seeds or traps is also effective.
  • The crab can be hit with a ranged attack upon first entering the player's vision for the first time.
  • Upon death it drops two mystery meat.

Gnoll Trickster Edit

Gnoll Trickster shoots different types of darts including regular, incendiary, and poison darts. As of the latest update, he can be lured into melee range by going around corners, or through doors.

After being defeated, he can drop a small stack of any missile weapon.

This enemy can be slain using ranged weapons like wands and projectiles. If your Hero/ine has a lot of power in a wand, or a stack of projectiles, save them for the fight, if the Ghost tells you. (Using ranged weapons is risky as he can throw darts at you while you attack him.)

Blinding it using Wand of Prismatic Light can also be a good strategy as it won't be able to see you to throw darts at you.

Fetid rat Edit

Main article: Fetid rat
Fetid rat
Something is clearly wrong with this rat. Its greasy black fur and rotting skin are very different from the healthy rats you've seen previously. Its blood red eyes make it seem especially menacing.

The rat carries a cloud of horrible stench with it, it's overpoweringly strong up close.

Dark ooze dribbles from the rat's mouth, it eats through the floor but seems to dissolve in water.

Stand diagonally to the rat while fighting it and step away from it every few turns in order to keep out of the paralytic gas. Step in water to wash the Caustic ooze away.

Alternatively you can drink a Potion of Purification to temporarily become immune to the gas. (Though this won't help with the Caustic ooze...)

Old Wandmaker's Quests Edit

Like the Sad Ghost, the Old Wandmaker has new quests too. The first thing that you will notice is that he has different quotes, with an additional one that's determined by the class you have selected.

Corpse Dust Edit

There is a room blocked with a barricade on the depth with the Old Wandmaker. This room has a special ground called "Mass Grave". It contains some Skeletons and some Adventurer's Remains. One of the Remains contains a Wraith and the Corpse Dust. Once you pick up the Corpse Dust, a Wraith will spawn every several turns in a tile near the Hero/ine, and this will continue until you return the Corpse Dust to the Old Wandmaker, completing the quest. On completion of the quest, all spawned Wraiths on that depth are killed.

Rotberry Seed Edit

The depth with the Old Wandmaker contains a locked room. In it, there are 3-4 Rot Lashers (based on its area) covered with tall grass and a Rot Heart. Your target is to avoid the deadly Slashers and kill the Heart. However, every attack based on fire will destroy the seed and render the quest impossible. Killing the Rot Heart with a Wand of Disintegration has the same effect of destroying the seed as well as Bombs.

A good way to get past the Rot Lashers is to use a Potion of Invisibility.

Elemental Ember Edit

There are four Ceremonial Candles scattered across the depth. The Hero/ine has to place (throw) them into the corners of the Ritual Marker (a 3 x 3 tile that has red drawing) inscribed on the depth in one of the rooms. A Newborn Fire Elemental will spawn (it's much weaker than the Fire Elementals in the Dwarven Metropolis stage). Once it's defeated, it will drop the Elemental Embers. The quest ends once the Embers are brought to the Old Wandmaker.

A good way to kill the Newborn is to use a Potion of Frost or Icecap.

Bosses Edit

Goo Edit

Main article: Goo

Goo is now more wonderfully bouncy than ever with a full animation update. This includes flashy new particle effects when Goo is pumping up to show what area it will hit. Additionally, his arena has been reworked to give your Hero/ine much more room to maneuver, incentivizing players to use the environment against him! The random nature of Goo's new arena should make every fight with him a little different too. His royal highness, the Rat King, is still present, but he might be a little trickier to find.

Tengu Edit

Tengu is now in a new area. There's a long hallway with cells on either side and a key that will unlock Tengu's cell at the southern end of the hall. His cell is similar to the one in vanilla Pixel Dungeon, sprouting new traps each time he teleports.

Once you knock him down to about half health, he will say "Let's make this interesting," then he will teleport away. The southeast cell will become the entrance to a small randomly generated maze, and the door at the end will teleport the Hero/ine to a new arena where Tengu will be hiding. There are no traps, but it can take a while to find him in between teleports because of all the rooms and walls that he can hide among.

When he's finally slayed, he drops the usual Tome of Mastery, and the eastern cells open into a cave which segues to the new stage.

DM-300 Edit

There's nothing different.

Dwarf King Edit

Dwarf king now immune to blindness

Yog-Dzewa Edit

The rotting fist is now immune to paralysis.

Ankh & Dew Vial Edit

When the Dew Vial came out, the Ankh became pretty useless by comparison, this was changed to fix that.

The Dew Vial has been nerfed:

  • The vial stills heals 100% when full, but now it heals only 5% of the heroines heath per dewdrop. (e.g 3 dewdrops would be 15%.)
  • It no longer auto-revives when it's full.
  • It now takes 20 dewdrops to fill it.
  • Filling it is much easier as dewdrops now go straight to the vial rather than the hero/ine's health.
  • The hero/ine will now only drink how much needed for a full heal.

And the Ankh has been buffed:

  • It can now be blessed using a full Dew Vial; a Blessed Ankh auto-revives the Hero/ine to 25% HP and will keep all other items in the backpack including additional Ankhs. The Ankh is destroyed in the process.

Updates Edit

Version Notes
v0.1.0 Improvements to potions/scrolls
v0.1.1 Added blandfruit, reworked dew vial
v0.2.0 Added artifacts, reworked rings
v0.2.1 Quests, Bosses, & Lore Pt.1 - the Sewers!

This update adds & reworks content in the sewers:

  • Added two new quests
  • Removed dried rose quest
  • Reworked the fight with Goo
  • Reworked story texts & tip texts
  • Visual reworks to sewer bosses
  • Numerous issues fixed
v0.2.2 Source code from 1.7.2 incorporated; full list of changes there.
v0.2.3 Artifact additions & improvements
v0.2.4 v1.7.5 Source Implemented, with exceptions:
  • Degredation not implemented.
  • Badge syncing not implemented.
  • Scroll of Weapon Upgrade renamed to Magical Infusion, works on armor.
  • Scroll of Enchantment not implemented, Arcane stylus has not been removed.
  • Honey pots now shatter in a new item: shattered honeypot. A bee will defend its shattered pot to the death against anything that gets near.
  • Bombs have been reworked/nerfed: they explode after a delay, no longer stun, deal more damage at the center of the blast, affect the world (destroy items, blow up other bombs).

In addition, this update features the following changes:

  • The huntress has been buffed: starts with Potion of Mind Vision identified, now benefits from strength on melee attacks, and has a chance to reclaim a single used ranged weapon from each defeated enemy.
  • A new container: The Potion Bandolier! Potions can now shatter from frost, but the bandolier can protect them.
  • Shops now stock a much greater variety of items, some item prices have been rebalanced.
  • Going down stairs no longer increases hunger, going up still does.
  • Many, many bugfixes.
  • Some UI improvements.
  • In-game audio quality improved.
  • Unstable spellbook buffed.
  • Psionic blasts deal less self-damage.
  • Potions of liquid flame affect a 3x3 grid.

"The Wand Rework!"

Mage reworked!:
  • No longer starts with knuckledusters or a wand
  • Can no longer equip wands
  • Now starts with a unique mages staff, empowered with magic missile to start.
  • Battlemage reworked, staff now deals bonus effects when used as a melee weapon.
  • Warlock reworked, gains more health and fullness from gaining exp, but food no longer restores hunger.

General Wand Changes:

  • Wand types are now known by default.
  • Wands now each have unique sprites.
  • Wands now cap at 10 charges instead of 9
  • Wands now recharge faster the more charges are missing, for all classes.
  • Self-targeting with wands is no longer possible.
  • Wand recharge effects now give charge over time, instead of instantly.
  • Wands can now be cursed!

All wands have been reworked!
Removed Wands:

  • Flock
  • Blink
  • Teleportation
  • Avalanche

Reworked Wands:

  • Magic Missile
  • Lightning
  • Disintegration
  • Fireblast (previously Firebolt)
  • Venom (previously poison)
  • Frost (previously Slowing)
  • Blast Wave (previously Telekinesis)
  • Corruption (previously Amok)
  • Regrowth

New Wands:

  • Prismatic Light
  • Transfusion

New Artifacts:

  • Ethereal Chains
  • Lloyd’s Beacon

Misc. Balance Changes:

  • Blessed Ankhs now revive at 1/4hp, but also grant initiative.
  • Alchemist’s Toolkit removed (will be reworked) (bugged, can still drop atm, will patch)
  • Chalice of blood nerfed, now regens less hp at high levels.
  • Cape of Thorns buffed, now absorbs all damage, but only deflects adjacent attacks.
  • Sandals of nature adjusted, now give more seeds, less dew.
  • Hunger no longer increases while fighting bosses.
  • Floor 1 now spawns 10 rats every time, exactly enough to level up.
  • Scrolls of recharging and mirror image are now more common.
  • Mimics are now less common, stronger, & give better loot.

UI Tweaks:

  • New app icon!
  • Shading added to main game interface
  • Buffs now have descriptions, tap their icons!
  • Visual indicator added for surprising enemies

"It's a Trap!"

New traps!:
  • Over 20 new traps (and tweaks to existing ones)
  • Trap visuals overhauled
  • Traps now get trickier deeper in the dungeon
  • Trap room reworked to make use of new traps

Balance Changes:

  • Ethereal chains now gain fewer charges the more charge they have.
  • Staff of regrowth grants more herbal healing
  • Monks now disarm less randomly, but not less frequently
  • Invisibility potion effect now lasts for 20 turns, up from 15.

BIG UI Changes:

  • Adjusted display scaling
  • Search and Examine merged into one button (double tap to search)
  • New max of 4 Quickslots!
  • Multiple toolbar modes for large display and landscape users
  • Ability to flip toolbar and indicators (left-handed mode)
  • Reworked settings menu with lots of new controls
  • All graphics settings are now accessible ingame
  • More consistent text rendering
  • Recent changes can now be viewed from the title screen

QOL Improvements:

  • Quickslots now autotarget enemies
  • Resting now works while hungry and at max HP
  • Dew drops no longer collect when at full health with no dew vial
  • Items on the floor now stay visible in the fog of war
  • Many bugfixes

"The Prison Rework!"

Prison Rework!:
  • Tengu boss fight completely redone
  • Corpse dust quest overhauled
  • Rotberry quest overhauled
  • NEW elemental embers quest
  • NEW prison mob: insane prison guards!
  • Thieves can escape with a stolen item
  • Gnoll shaman attack speed increased


  • Mastery Book is not attainable until floor 10, even when unlocked
  • Many changes to compensate for Mastery Book changes (see below)
  • Hunger damage now increases with hero level, but starts out lower

Sewers Rebalance:

  • Marsupial rat damage and evasion reduced
  • Gnoll scout accuracy reduced
  • Sewer crabs less likely to spawn on floor 3, grant more exp
  • Fly swarms rebalanced, moved to the sewers
  • Great Crab HP reduced
  • Goo fight rebalanced

Base Class Changes:

  • Mage's staff base damage increased
  • Huntress now starts with 20 hp
  • Huntress no longer heals more from dew
  • Rogue's cloak of shadows now drains less while invisible

Subclass Changes:

  • Berserker now starts raging at 50 % hp (up from 40 %)
  • Warden now heals 2 extra HP from dew
  • Warlock completely overhauled

Misc. Changes:

  • Fixed 'white line' graphical artifacts
  • Floor locking now pauses all passive effects, not just hunger
  • Cursed chains now only cripple, do not root
  • Warping trap is now more likely to put you at a deeper floor
  • Various other bugfixes

"Google Play Games!"

Support for Google Play Games:
  • Badges can now sync across devices
  • Five Google Play Achievements added
  • Rankings sync will come in future

Press the controller button in the main menu to learn more
Shattered remains a 100 % offline game if Google Play Games is not enabled
Gameplay Changes:

  • Tengu's maze is now different each time
  • Items no longer auto-pickup when enemies are near


  • Fixed several bugs with prison enemies
  • Fixed some landscape window size issues
  • Fixed other minor bugs


  • Added support for reverse landscape


General Changes:
  • Shattered now supports multiple languages
  • New font
  • Bug fixes

Balance Changes:

  • Hunger now builds ~10 % slower
  • Sad Ghost no longer gives tier-1 loot
  • Sad Ghost gives tier-4/5 loot less often
  • Burning now deals less damage at low HP
  • Weakness no longer discharges wands
  • Rockfall traps rebalanced

"The Warrior Rework!"

Warrior Rework:
  • Starting STR down to 10, from 11
  • Short sword dmg down to 1-10, from 1-12
  • Short sword can no longer be reforged
  • Now IDs potions of health, not STR
  • Now starts with a unique seal for armor
  • Seal grants shielding ontop of health
  • Seal allows for one upgrade transfer

Berserker Rework:

  • Bonus damage now scales with lost HP, instead of a flat 50 % at 50 % hp
  • Berserker can now endure through death for a short time, with caveats

Gladiator Rework:

  • Combo no longer grants bonus damage
  • Combo is now easier to stack
  • Combo now unlocks special finisher moves

Balance Tweaks:

  • Spears can now reach enemies 1 tile away
  • Wand of Blast Wave now pushes bosses less


  • Can now examine multiple things in one tile
  • Classic font added for Russian language
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Translation Updates
  • Various bugfixes

"The Equipment Rework!"

New Equipment Content:
  • 13 new weapons, 12 rebalanced weapons
  • 3 new enchants, 10 rebalanced enchants
  • 8 new glyphs, 5 rebalanced glyphs
  • 12 new curse effects

Equipment Curses:

  • Curses now give negative effects
  • Curses no longer give negative levels
  • Upgrades now weaken curses
  • Remove curse scrolls now affect 1 item

Equipment Balance:

  • Tier 2-4 weapons do more base damage
  • All weapons gain more dmg from upgrades
  • Upgrades now remove enchants less often
  • Upgrades reduce str requirements less
  • All armors require 1 more str
  • Encumbered characters can't sneak attack

Droprate Changes:

  • Powerful equipment less common early
  • +3 and +2 equipment less common
  • Equipment curses more common
  • Tier 1 equipment no longer drops
  • Arcane styli slightly more common
  • Better item drops on floors 22-24

Class Balance:

  • Huntress now starts with knuckleduster
  • Assassin sneak bonus damage reduced
  • Fixed a bug where berserker was immune when enraged
  • Gladiator's clobber now inflicts vertigo, not stun

Enemy Balance:

  • Tengu damage increased
  • Prison Guard health and DR increased


  • Scrolls of upgrade no longer burn
  • Potions of strength no longer freeze
  • Translation updates
  • Various bugfixes

"Balance Changes"

Armor Balance Changes:
  • Armor now has a min damage block value
  • Armor gains more blocking from upgrades
  • Prison+ enemy damage increased
  • Evil Eyes reworked

Wand Balance Changes:

  • All wands damage adjusted/increased
  • Upgraded wands appear slightly less often
  • Wand of Lightning bonus damage reduced
  • Wand of Fireblast uses fewer charges
  • Wand of Venom damage increases over time
  • Wand of Pris-Light bonus damage reduced
  • Corrupted enemies live longer & no longer attack eachother
  • Wands in the holster now charge faster

Class Balance Changes:

  • Mage's Staff melee damage increased
  • Mage's Staff can now preserve one upgrade
  • Cloak of Shadows buffed at lower levels
  • Some Battlemage effects changed

Ring Balance Changes:

  • Ring of Force weaker at 18+ strength
  • Ring of Tenacity reduces more damage
  • Ring of Wealth secret rewards adjusted
  • Ring of Evasion now works consistently

Artifact Balance Changes:

  • Dried Rose charges faster, ghost HP up
  • Horn of Plenty now charges on exp gain
  • Master Thieves Armband levels faster
  • Sandals of Nature level faster
  • Hourglass uses fewer charges at a time

Various Item Balance Changes:

  • Many shop prices adjusted
  • Piranha rooms no longer give cursed gear
  • Brimstone glyph healing reduced
  • Lucky enchant deals max dmg more often
  • Dazzling enchant now cripples & blinds
  • Flail now can't surprise attack
  • Extra reach weapons no longer penetrate

Misc Changes:

  • Added a new journal button with key display
  • Keys now exist in the journal, not inventory
  • Improved donator menu button visuals
  • Chasms now deal less damage, but bleed
  • Increased the efficiency of save data storage
  • Translation updates
  • Various bugfixes

"Performance Improvements!"

  • Many general performance improvements
  • Game now uses 2 CPU cores, up from 1
  • Reduced hitching on many devices
  • Framerate improvements for older devices
  • Game size reduced by ~10 %

Balance Changes:

  • Spear and Glaive damage reduced
  • Runic blade damage reduced
  • Grim enchant now procs more often
  • Glyph of stone adds more weight
  • Glyph of potential procs less often
  • Wand of Fireblast less dangerous to caster
  • Wand of Pris. Light reveal area reduced
  • Ring of Wealth slightly more effective
  • Ring of Sharpshooting gives more accuracy

"QoL Improvements"

General Improvements:
  • Added rankings and hall of heroes sync
  • Added Power Saver mode in settings
  • Install size reduced by ~20 %
  • Game now supports small screen devices
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved variety of level visuals
  • Adjusted mage staff visuals
  • Many bugfixes

Balance Changes:

  • Flail damage increased
  • Wand of Frost chilled damage reduced
  • Ring of Furor speed bonus reduced
  • Reduced bleed on sacrificial curse

"New Dungeon Visual Style!"

Graphics changes:
  • Walls and some terrain now have depth
  • Characters and items are now raised and cast shadows
  • Added a visible tile grid in the settings menu

Balance Changes:

  • Quarterstaff armor bonus increased by 50 %
  • Wand of Frost damage reduction against chilled enemies increased to 10 %
  • Wand of Transfusion self-damage per zap reduced to 10 % max hp
  • Dried Rose charges 20 % faster and the ghost hero is stronger, especially at low levels

Glyph Balance Changes:

  • Entanglement activates less often but grants significantly more herbal armor
  • Stone armor bonus reduced by 2
  • Antimagic magical resist reduced from 1/2 to 1/3 of armor
  • Viscosity damage rate increased by 50 %

Languages Added:

  • Esperanto
  • Indonesian

"Levelgen overhaul!"


"Challenge Rework"

Challenges have received several major changes, with the goal of making them more fair and interesting:
  • Challenges now have descriptions
  • On Diet now provides small rations, rather than removing all food
  • Cloth armor is now allowed in Faith Is My Armor
  • Barren Land now allows seeds to drop, but they cannot be planted
  • Swarm Intelligence now draws nearby enemies instead of all enemies
  • Into Darkness now limits light more harshly, but provides torches
  • Forbidden Runes now removes 50 % of upgrade scrolls, and no other scrolls

Interface Overhaul:

  • Game now supports four save slots of any hero class
  • Hero select and challenge select are now more streamlined and informative
  • Hero select is now a window, offering more flexibility of where games can be started
  • More details are now shown for games in progress before they are loaded

New Weapons:

  • Throwing Spears
  • Crossbow
  • Stone Gauntlet


  • Timekeeper's Hourglass
    • Number of charges halved
    • Time Freeze duration per charge doubled
    • 5x stasis duration per charge
    • Overall recharge speed increased at +0, but unchanged at +10
  • Talisman of Foresight
    • Charge speed increased by 20 % at +0, scaling to 50 % increased at +10
    • Charge gain when discovering traps unchanged


  • Inventory Changes
    • Wand Holster is now the Magical Holster, and can store missile weapons in addition to wands
    • Seed Pouch is now the Velvet Pouch, and can store runestones (aka Stones of Enchantment) in addition to seeds
    • Every Hero starts the game with an extra container
  • Miscellaneous
    • It is now possible to back up game data with ADB backup on android 4.0+ and android auto-backup on android 6.0+. Runs in progress are not backed up to prevent cheating.
    • Firebloom plants no longer appear in garden rooms. Accidentally running into them is massively more harmful than any other plant.
    • Mage and Warrior tutorial functionality removed
    • Added a new visual effect to the loading screen
    • Pirahna treasure rooms now have a one tile wide buffer.
    • Bags are now unsellable.
    • Dwarf King is now immune to blindness
    • Data usage should be slightly reduced due to adjustments to sending gameplay data.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Crashes involving corrupted mimics
    • Various rage crash bugs
    • Various minor visual bugs
    • Skeletons exploding when falling into chasms
    • Thrown weapons lost when used on sheep
    • Warden gaining benefits from rotberry bush
    • Unstable enchant not being able to activate venom
    • Rare cases where music wouldn't play


  • Chance to resist paralysis is now based on all recent damage taken while paralyzed
  • Enemies killed via chasms now award 50 % exp
  • Sungrass
    • Grants healing significantly slower, scaling to ~40 % speed at high levels
    • Taking damage no longer reduces healing
    • Healing no longer disappears at full HP
  • Earthroot now blocks up to a certain amount of damage, rather than 50 % damage
  • Health potion drops now lower in probability more quickly after potions have already been dropped from a given enemy type.

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