Mi go King Edit

Mi go King isn't as important as Mi go Queen so he was placed down here to defend the Queen from the Shoggoths.

He spawns in the same locked room as the Queen,but on 2th floor.That's why actually he's a little bit stronger than the Queen.(But a little bit weaker in terms of defense)

Abilities: Edit

Mi go King have 25% chance of disarming you when he does a successful hit.

Unlike Mi go Queen,King spawns Mi Go Swords and Mi Go Shields when is damaged with a melee weapon

Monster Mi Go King
HP Hero's Mental Health + Current XP level + 50
Attack 2-10
Defense Hero's Strentgth + Current floor + (Current hero's level/2)
Loot Mi go Sword 80%
XP 10 x Current floor
Speed Cannot move


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