Living Plants Edit

Living Plants are simply plants which somehow awoke to life.Their sprites are from Remixed Pixel Dungeon's Spider Workers.

There's one living plant per seed,so there's a total of 10 living plants.You can find any living plant in the dungeon in their inactive organic form (as a plant in the floor,motionless).In that way,the plant will awake if you step on it.Also any of your seeds stored in your inventory could be a living plant if thrown or planted,so be careful of using seeds when it is not neccessary.

Monster Living Plants
HP Hero's current strength
Attack 1-3
Defense Dungeon depth + 3
Loot Seed where they were born from
XP 1
Movement Speed 3 tiles per turn
Attack Speed 1 Attack per turn

Behavior Edit

Living plants are weak,but all of them have passive or active effects:

Living Plant Type Attack Effect (Active) Death Effect (Passive)


Blindness debuff None
Dewcatcher Unknown Unknown

Drowsy buff

Takes off the following debuffs:

  • Poison
  • Cripple
  • Weakness
  • Bleeding
  • Drowsy
  • Slow 
  • Vertigo

Barkskin buff

Rooting debuff

Dispels a cloud of paralytic gas.
Fadeleaf 50% chance to teleport the objective who is been attacked. Dispels a cloud of Teleporting gas

Burning debuff.

Lighting buff.

Burns the tile where plant has dead.
Icecap Frost debuff Unknown

Makes target sleep

Vertigo debuff

Dispels a cloud of Confusion gas
Stormvine 50% Chance to paralyze enemy Creates a storm on the tile it has died.
Sungrass Slowness debuff Regrows surronding tiles (Radius = 1 in four directions)

Living plants don't care about enemy type.They attack all monsters (and of course Hero) in their field of view.They could serve for weak the regular enemies.It seems plants prefer attacking mobs than humans,so this is good. 

(Unsure if plants attack animated statues - wraiths - piranhas)

Curiosities Edit

When living plants die,they segregate a cloud of smoke.

There's not a plant for the starflower seed.


  • Stormvine Living Plant
  • Icecap Living Plant
  • Firebloom Living Plant
  • Fadeleaf Living Plant
  • Earthroot Living Plant
  • Dreamfoil Living Plant
  • Dewcatcher Living Plant
  • Blindweed Living Plant
  • Sungrass Living Plant
  • Sorrowmoss Living Plant

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