Ithaqua Edit

Ithaqua is the lone wanderer.The man eating Wendingo.With every bite he eats,he gets thinner.It's his curse!

Ithaqua is a mini boss of LCPD which can be found on locked rooms.Specifically,the Ithaqua room is meant to be a waterfall.It's a pedestal surrounded by water,which is next to a chasm that concur with the room entrance.

Ithaqua is not as dangerous as Mi Go Queen and Mi Go King,In fact,you can kill it from distance and he won't be able to counter-attack you because the chasm.

Abilities: Edit

Ithaqua has 25% chance of disarming you when he perform a successful hit.

Ithaqua has wearing a chilling spear,so you have to be careful because this weapon has extra reach.

Ithaqua can give you the slowness debuff because of his equipped weapon.

Inmunities and Weaknesses: Edit

Ithaqua is inmune to:

- Chilling enchantment.

- Frozen debuff.


- Potions of Frost as well.

Ithaqua seems weak to:

- Fire. (Potions of Liquid Flame,Burning Enchantment,Seeds of firebloom)

Monster Ithaqua
HP (Hero's Mental Health/2) + Current floor + 30
Attack 2-20
Defense Hero's strength/2) + Current floor
Loot Chilling Spear 30% x Current floor
XP 10 x Current Floor
Speed (Movement) 1 tile per turn

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