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Pixel Dungeon (Website) is a traditional roguelike (turn-based action-strategy) game with pixel art graphics and a simple interface for Android, iOS, Steam, and Desktop. Pixel Dungeon is completely written by Watabou and inspired by Brogue.

Explore the depths of the Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items, fight fierce enemies, and find the Amulet of Yendor! There are 26 accessible dungeon depths; and hopefully more badges, items, enemies, and other additions in future updates!

Since Update 1.6.0, Pixel Dungeon is no longer in beta phase; however, the Beta was fully playable.

This wiki's purpose is to contain everything there is to know about the game Pixel Dungeon.

There are currently 629 pages on the wiki, and anyone can edit them, or add new pages, to help the site grow.

The wiki is (mostly) accurate as of Update 1.7.5 (2015/01/22). The wiki does not usually get officially updated until Watabou updates the source code, so please bear with us until then. If you see anything missing, or incorrect, please contribute yourself or leave a comment!

If you’re new to editing, please check the help page. Ask questions, join discussions, and connect with other contributors in the Pixel Dungeon Forum.

Pixel Dungeon Trailer00:53

Pixel Dungeon Trailer

Pixel Dungeon
Developer Watabou
Music Soundtrack - Cube_Code
Platforms • Android 2.2 and up

(until Update 1.7.3c)
• Android 2.3 and up
(from Update 1.7.4)
• Desktop
(from Update 1.7.2a;
• Steam
(from Update 1.7.2a-1.7.5a?)
• iOS 6, or later
(from Update 1.7.5;
iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch;
designed for iPhone & iPad;
optimized for iPhone 5)

Initial release October 12, 2012
Latest version December 6, 2015

Update 1.9.2a

Genré Rogue-like R.P.G.
Main site
Temple of The Roguelike
Download from Google Play
Download from Amazon
Download from the main site (Desktop)
Download from Steam
Download from iTunes
Download from
Download APK from HiAppHere
Source code
What do you think of Update 1.9.2?

185 votes

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