This is a data page that stores the shared data for the King of Dwarves. Before editing, please read the data documentation.

This data page contains:

  • gifimage = Dwarf King gif.gif
  • infoboximage = King infobox.png
  • description = The last king of dwarves was known for his deep understanding of processes of life and death. He has[sic] persuaded members of his court to participate in a ritual,[sic] that should have granted them eternal youthfulness. In the end he was the only one,[sic] who got it - and an army of undead as a bonus.
  • bossof = 4
  • noticingtext = How dare you!
  • dyingtext = You cannot kill me, <Hero/ine (Sub-)Class>... I am... immortal...
  • health = 300
  • dodge = 25
  • armor = 14
  • resistances = Toxic gas
    Grim weapon
    Scroll of Psionic Blast
    Wand of Disintegration
  • immunities = Paralyzed
  • accuracy = 32
  • damage = 20 to 38 (29 ±3.89)
  • experience = 40
  • drop = Armor kit

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