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A key is an item that can open doors and some chests. Keys are not stackable, but up to 12 keys can be held in a key ring.

Key types Edit

Iron key

Main article: Iron key
Iron key
Iron key
The notches on this ancient iron key are well worn; its leather lanyard is battered by age. What door might it open?

Golden key

Main article: Golden key
Golden key
Golden key
The notches on this golden key are tiny and intricate. Maybe it can open some chest lock?

Skeleton key

Main article: Skeleton key
Skull key
Skeleton key
This key looks serious: its head is shaped like a skull. Probably it can open some serious door.

History Edit

Update Change
 ? ADDED to the game
1.7.2 Changed: No longer stackable in Backpack
1.7.4b Added: Key ring

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