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Incendiary dart

Incendiary dart

Infobox sewers

Weapon info
Damage 1 to 2
Average 1
Strength 12
Accuracy 1
Delay 1
Debuff [[Burning Burning]]
DebuffDuration 8 turns
Quantity 3 to 6
Price 10

The Incendiary dart's class name in save files is "com.​watabou.​pixeldungeon.​items.​weapons.​missile.​IncendiaryDart".

Description Edit

Incendiary dart
Incendiary dart
The spike on each of these darts is designed to pin it to its target while the unstable compounds strapped to its length burst into brilliant flames.

Damage Edit

The weapon's damage is triangularly distributed between 1 and 2.
A Huntress will obtain an extra 0 to (heroStrength-requiredStrength) damage points per throw.

Obtaining Edit

The Incendiary dart is randomly generated at normal depths, or can be obtained as loot from a Skeleton, in quantities of 3 to 6.

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.0a Fixed: Incendiary Dart didn't trigger Rotberry Shrub
1.6.1a Added/Changed: New image for Incendiary Dart

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