This is a data page that stores the shared data for the God's larva. Before editing, please read the data documentation.

This data page contains:

  • gifimage = God's larva gif.gif
  • infoboximage = Larva infobox.png
  • description = Yog-Dzewa is an Old God, a powerful entity from the realms of chaos. A century ago, the ancient dwarves barely won the war against its army of demons, but were unable to kill the god itself. Instead, they then imprisoned it in the halls below their city, believing it to be too weak to rise ever again.
  • summonedby = Yog-Dzewa
  • health = 25
  • dodge = 20
  • armor = 8
  • accuracy = 30
  • damage = 15 to 20 (17.5 ±1.26)
  • experience = 0

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