Info Edit

Solid tiles are objects that are impassable by characters and thrown items.
They can also be interacted with by certain items/mechanisms.
Most types of solid tiles cease being solid tiles once their state has been changed, but the more common types remain the same.

Tiles that classify under solid tiles are:

  • Walls (permanent)
  • Statues (permanent)
  • Locked Doors (becomes a flammable tile after being unlocked by an iron key)
  • Barricades (flammable tile)
  • Bookshelves (flammable tile)
  • Locked Chests & Locked Crystal Chests (disappears after being unlocked by a golden key)
  • NPCs (Summoned NPCs disappear after a certain number of turns, or after having died; Quest NPCs disappear after their quest has been completed; the Shopkeeper disappears after being harmed)

Item interaction Edit

Wand of Avalanche Edit

See also: Wand of Avalanche

Proccing Paralyzed Edit

A Wand of Avalanche fired at a solid tile, with a character beside that tile, could inflict the Paralyzed debuff on the character. The chance of inflicting paralysis is 1/(3+d), where "d" is the distance from the impact point.
This means there is a 1/4 (25 %) chance of paralyzing enemies that are standing beside a targeted solid tile.

Gallery Edit

Tile Sewers Prison Caves City Halls
Wall Wall sewers Wall prison Wall caves Wall city Wall halls
Decorated wall Wall decorated sewers Wall decorated prison Wall decorated caves Wall decorated city Wall decorated halls
Chasm (wall) Chasm wall sewers Chasm wall prison Chasm wall caves Chasm wall city Chasm wall halls
Statue (normal) Statue normal sewers Statue normal prison Statue normal caves Statue normal city Statue normal halls
Statue (special) Statue special sewers Statue special prison Statue special caves Statue special city Statue special halls
Locked door Door locked sewers Door locked prison Door locked caves Door locked city Door locked halls
Barricade Barricade sewers Barricade prison Barricade caves Barricade city Barricade halls
Bookshelves Bookshelves sewers Bookshelves prison Bookshelves caves Bookshelves city Bookshelves halls
Locked boss door Door boss locked sewers Door boss locked prison Door boss locked caves Door boss locked city Door boss locked halls

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