When the Hero/ine tries to wield or throw a weapon with required strength above or below his/her strength, s/he will receive a penalty or bonus respectively:

  • With a strength deficiency, the Hero/ine suffers reduce walk speed, attack speed, less accuracy and lower dodge.
  • With a strength excess, the Hero/ine does extra damage and Rogues gain a dodge bonus.

Strength deficiency Edit

Weapon Edit

When the Hero/ine's accuracy is calculated, if the Hero/ine's strength is less than the weapon's required strength, then the Hero/ine suffers an accuracy loss:

accuracy = heroBaseAccuracy × weaponAccuracy / (1.5requiredStrength-heroStrength)
  • This does not apply when the Hero/ine's strength is more than the required strength.

If a level 5 Sniper with strength 13 tries to throw a Tomahawk, her accuracy will be calculated by:

  • At level 5, the Sniper's base accuracy is 14
  • A Tomahawk has a required strength of 18 and accuracy 1
  • The strength difference is 18 - 13 = 5
  • The Huntress' accuracy becomes 14 × 1 /(1.55) ≈ 1.8

In addition to the reduced accuracy, the weapons delay will be much greater:

delay = baseDelay × 1.2requiredStrength-heroStrength
  • If a huntress is using a missile weapon, the effectively gains an extra 2 points of strength

While our sniper was trying to throw her Tomahawk

  • A Tomahawk has a required strength of 18 and delay 1
  • The strength difference is 18 - 13 = 5 but since she is a huntress using missile weapons, this becomes 3
  • The time delay becomes: 1 × 1.23 ≈ 1.7 turns

Armor Edit

When wearing armor that is too heavy, the Hero/ine's speed will be much slower:

speed = unburdenedSpeed × 1.3heroStrength-requiredStrength

A Freerunner will also be unable to sprint.


After our strength 13 sniper's attack ultimately doomed to fail, she tries to make a speedy retreat behind a door while wearing non-upgraded plate armor. Her speed will be calculated as:

  • Non-upgraded plate armor has required strength of 17.
  • She is not wearing an Ring of Haste, so her unburdened speed is 1.
  • With armor, her speed becomes: 1 × 1.313-18 ≈ 0.3 tiles per turn

In addition to reduced speed, the Hero/ine's dodge will be much less:

dodge = unburdenedDodge / 1.5requiredStrength-heroStrength

Strength excess Edit

Weapon Edit

If the Hero/ine's strength is greater than the weapon's required strength, the Hero/ine deals extra damage equal to a random integer from 0 to heroStrength-requiredStrength.


Our Huntress drinks many Potions of Strength to achieve strength 20 and throws her Tomahawk. The Huntress, having chosen the way of the Sniper doesn't miss and deals damage:

  • The Tomahawk has required strength 18 and deals damage 4 to 20
  • The strength difference is 20 - 18 = 2
  • The Huntress deals say 12 damage from the Tomahawk and another say 1 damage from the excess strength creating a total applied damage of 13.

Armor Edit

Light armor will increase a Rogue's dodge stat:

dodge = baseDodge + rogueStrength - armorStrength
  • There is no dodge bonus while wearing no armor. This may be a bug, as no armor is technically 'light armor'.
  • Other dodge changing effects (eg, Ring of Evasion, Paralyzed) will be applied to baseDodge before the bonus is gained
  • A strength 16, level 8 rogue accidentally equips cursed (-1) cloth armor and cannot remove it. His dodge will be:
  • At level 8, the base dodge is 12
  • -1 cloth armor's required strength is 10
  • The final dodge is 12 + 16 - 10 = 18

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