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All types of food

Food can be found throughout the dungeon and will restore the Hero/ine’s hunger when eaten.
The Warrior will also have 5 health restored and the Mage will have 1 charge for all his wands restored.

Eating food takes 3 turns.

List of food Edit

Ration of food

Main article: Ration of food
Ration of food
Nothing fancy here: dried meat, some biscuits - things like that.


Main article: Pasty
This is authentic Cornish pasty with traditional filling of beef and potato.

Overpriced food ration

Main article: Overpriced food ration
Overpriced food
Overpriced food ration
It looks exactly like a standard ration of food but smaller.

Mystery meat

Main article: Mystery meat
Mystery meat
Mystery meat
Eat at your own risk!

Chargrilled meat

Main article: Chargrilled meat
Chargrilled meat
Chargrilled meat
It looks like a decent steak.

Frozen carpaccio

Main article: Frozen carpaccio
Frozen carpaccio
Frozen carpaccio
It's a piece of frozen raw meat. The only way to eat it is by cutting thin slices of it. And this way it's suprisingly[sic] good.

Food generation probabilities Edit

Food Probability
Ration of food 4/5 80 %
Pasty 1/5 20 %
Mystery meat 0 0 %

Note: Although the other food types should be included, the table strictly follows the game's Java coding. So it should remain as is, until the code gets revised.

Food drop probabilities Edit

Tips Edit

  • Eat your Food Ration/Meat/Pasty after you've descended a depth, not right before, as descending/ascending stairs accelerates hunger/starvation.
  • Eat the Food Ration/Meat/Pasty you have only after you've found the Food Ration that the depth generates; that way, you'll always be 1 Food Ration ahead and you'll always have 1 Food Ration/Pasty left for an emergency.
  • Farming:
    Food is very hard to collect, as there's usually only 1-2 portions of food at each depth.

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