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This article lists flaws. Even though they are unexpected behaviors from the player’s point of view, they nonetheless may have been intended by Watabou.

Revealing a hidden door gives the enemy extra turns Edit


When there is an enemy behind a hidden door and the player taps UI search buttonSearch”, the enemy gets 2 or 3 free attacks, depending on their speed.
This is because the “Search” action uses up multiple turns and the door appears on the first of these turns.

Proposed solution

A fix for this would be if the secret door appeared on the last turn in the search sequence, so that the enemy won’t get any hits.

Generation of armors and weapons for Warriors Edit

When generating armors and weapons, the Generator generates 2 armors/weapons and chooses the one which required strength is the closer to numberOfGeneratedPotionsOfStrength + 10, which is normally the strength of the Hero/ine (if no Potion of Strength was thrown and if the current depth is totally explored), if s/he’s Mage, Rogue, or Huntress.

But for a Warrior, it does not match his actual strength; the additive constant should be 11 for this class.

Boomerang strength requirement Edit

Upgrading the Boomerang does not decrease the Strength requirement.

Intentionally drop gold Edit

The Hero/ine cannot intentionally drop gold from his/her backpack.

As of Update 1.7.5, only an interaction with a Mimic can accomplish this.

Rare enemy generation on depth creation Edit


When creating or resetting (on resurrect) a floor, only standard enemies are generated, while mutated enemies are generated only on respawn, i.e. after at least 50 turns (25 turns at night time).

Proposed correction


    // RegularLevel#createMobs()
    Mob mob = Bestiary.mob(Dungeon.depth);


    // RegularLevel#createMobs()
    Mob mob = Bestiary.mutable(Dungeon.depth);

Plants Edit

Items on plants Edit

When there is an item on top of a plant and the Hero/ine walks onto it, spawning a seed or dewdrop, the seed/dewdrop is picked up first, not the item that was there at first.

Walking on plants Edit

When a seed is planted, the tile is not marked as “avoid”, thus the Hero/ine walks on it if it’s in the shortest path.

Scrolls on fire traps spawning possibility Edit

Items (including scrolls but except Scrolls of Upgrade) can be spawned on the top of traps. If the trap is a fire trap, and the player tries to take the scroll from it, the trap will be activated, and the scroll will burn unless the player is levitating.

Another way to prevent the scroll from burning, is to throw an Icecap Seed onto the square before stepping on it. The fire will ignite, but immediately be put out by the seed's effect, preserving the scroll, and preventing the player from catching fire.

Chest on traps Edit

An unlocked chest can be generated over a trap.

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