Fetid rat
Rat infobox
Spawns in Fetid rat quest
Walk speed 1 tile per turn
Health 15 HP
Dodge 5
Armor 2
Resistant to Nothing
Immune to Paralyzed
On damage Releases 20 units of paralytic gas
Range Melee
Accuracy 12
Damage 2 to 6 (4 ±1.06)
Attack delay 1 turn per attack
On hit Nothing special
Max level
30 for XP
32 for drop
Experience 0 XP
Drops Giant rat skull (always)

The Fetid rat is a special enemy related to the Fetid rat quest quest.


Marsupial Rat gif
Fetid rat
This marsupial rat is much larger, than a regular one. It is surrounded by a foul cloud.


The Fetid rat attacks on sight.

Special notes

  • This rat carries paralytic gas around it. Remaining next to the rat for more than one turn will result in you becoming paralyzed and the Rat slaying you. This makes it tricky to fight him with melee weapons.


  • Use ranged weapons, wands, Potions of Liquid Flame, or throw Seed of Firebloom and/or Seed of Sorrowmoss in front of the Rat to dispatch him from long range. But the Rat appears so early in the game that you often won't have these things.
  • To fight him with melee weapons, always let the Rat move toward you. Don't move toward it into its cloud. When it moves next to you, attack it once and back away so the cloud doesn't engulf you.
  • Its Paralytic Gas spreads from it cardinally (up, down, left, and right; not diagonally). If it doesn't move, the gas spreads again to include the diagonal spaces.
  • If it moves toward you so you are directly next to it, you can take one action and then you must back away or the cloud will expand over you.
  • If the Rat moves toward you so you are diagonally next to it, you have two actions before you must back away.
    • Spears are slow weapons, so each attack takes more than one action; this limits the number of attacks you can make before the gas spreads. Knuckledusters and Maces are fast weapons, so you may be able to get extra attacks. Rings of Haste (or cursed Rings of Haste) would also affect this.
  • Hit it and back away until it is dead. The gas will linger for a few turns, so don't rush in and grab the Skull, or you may get paralyzed and slain by another enemy.
  • The Fetid Rat's Paralytic Gas can also paralyze enemies.
  • If you lure a Fetid Rat into a chasm, he will not drop a rat skull. However, there will be a cloud of Paralytic Gas in the chasm space where he died.


Update Change
1.6.1 ADDED to the game

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