Electricity is a form of instant, magic damage provided by:

Its damage is amplified/doubled by water.

Damage Edit

Each form of electricity damage has its own calculations, besides bounced electricity:

For the lightning trap, the damage dealt is 1/3 to 2/3 of the enemy's max HP.

The Gnoll Shaman's attack does 2 to 13 damage. This damage is increased by 50% if the target is non-flying and in water.

For Potential enchantment/glyph, the damage is based on the effective damage of the enemy's attack. The attacker receives from 1 to attack damage worth of damage. The damage the attacker receives is then used to calculate the damage the defender / Hero(ine) receives. The defender / Hero(ine) receives from 1 to the attacker's received damage worth of damage. (Effectively increasing damage taken by an average of 25%, if triggered). Water does not affect the damage calculations.

For the Wand of Lightning, the damage of the first hit is from 5 + level / 2 to 10 + level, where level is the level of wand. This damage is doubled if the target is non-flying and in the water. This form of electricity bounces and may hit the Hero/ine if he is in the chain.

For the Shocking enchantment, the damage of the first hit is based on the effective damage of the Hero(ine)'s attack. The defender receives from 1 to damage / 2. This form of electricity bounces, but the Hero(ine) is immune to the bounces.

Bounce Mechanics Edit

Only the electricity from Wand of Lightning and Shocking enchantment will bounce to other targets.

When electricity hits a new target, a random, non-electrocuted enemy that is on the surrounding tiles is chosen for the next bounce.

The damage done to the new target is from 1 damage / 2 to damage.

If the target is a non-flying enemy in water, the above damage is doubled.

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.3 Changed: Gnoll Shaman have resistance to all electricity sources

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