Hi there :)

So today I finally managed to get to floor ten and face off with Tengu while playing as my mage. The battle went semi smoothly (in the second half anyway) and required no preparation beforehand, other than the fact I had a wand of venom (the crux of my strategy) My armour was +3 leather armour and my weapon was a +3 scimitar. I had the talisman of sight (not important till later) and a staff of magic missile (suffering from the already imbued glitch)

Upon entering the fight Marco (we decided mage needed a name) had no buffs, and only 1 healing potion. Tengu spawned and filled the room with countless spear traps dotted around everywhere. As my first time ever making it to such a high level I was nervous, not wanting to be Tengus next victim.

The fight began.

The first phase could not have gone more wrong.

Tengu attacked, dealing more damage than I had expected, and my only healing potion was used early on. My wand of magic missile wasn't even scratching him, and I couldn't get close to attack. This looked like the end. But suddenly Tengu teleported next to me and when I was just on 1 health the second phase began. Tengu ran away, wanting to make things 'interesting'

And boy did he deliver.

The huge maze allowed the battered Marco to heal, and I came out in a large room containing multiple cells. Stepping into one I used the talisman to scry for Tengu, then I used the wand of venom to harm him, casting from a doorway then stepping back inside to stay safe, letting the venom damage him then recasting. I repeated this process moving from room to room until Tengu fell.

The tome of mastery was avaliable and warlock seemed an easy choice to me, as my staff was a magic missile one and quite underpowered.

But alas my victory was shortlived as a misclick sent me plummeting to my death after a monk disarmed me on floor 14. And that was the end of Marco and his journey.

I cannot wait to start posting here, and look forward to becoming a part of the community. :)

That's all for now.

R. I. P Marco.

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